13 Gig Economy Jobs that Pay $1000+ Each Month

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With so many apps available for a wide range of talents and customer demands, I’ve put together this list of the 13 top gig economy jobs: some I've used, and others have been well reviewed by reputable web outlets as some of the better jobs that could potentially earn FBL readers fast income. Maybe you’re paying off debtsaving for your first house, or you’ve set up your budget and are thinking of ways to increase your income. Whatever your financial goal is, extra cash always does the trick. 

Even if you don't end up using the gigs on the list, you need to be choosy with gig economy jobs. Some pay only pennies for your time, which is why my team and I are vetting the best opportunities below.



The Best Paying Gig Economy Jobs For Earn Fast Income





Gig Economy Company 1. Amazon Flex




This gig was featured in Money magazine a couple of months ago, and people loved it as a good side gig because it pays well.  If it’s not available in your area, click “join the waitlist” to download the app and be informed if/when it becomes available. Amazon is taking over the world, it's only a matter of time before it comes to your town. 

Potential Earnings: If you live in one of the cities that offer it, then you can become a delivery partner for Amazon and make about $18-25 per hour delivering packages to homes in your spare time.  $18 x 20 hours per week x 4= $1440 per month.




Gig Economy Company 2. Bellhops


This gig is the most physically demanding (it's essentially physical labor) from the list of jobs but can be the most rewarding in terms of time vs. payout.

Bellhops is a moving service. Once you pass the registration and background check you set your schedule in the app so you can get matched up with a moving team in your area.

Potential Earnings: Per their website, you could earn an average of $21 an hour, including tips and bonuses. You can even earn extra for referrals and good performance. $21 at 20 hours per week x 4= $1680 a month. 





Gig Economy app 3. DoorDash



DoorDash lets you keep 100% of the delivery fee and it’s one of the gigs that have been reviewed by others as being a decent way to earn cash. However, it’s only available in select cities and recently, it was revealed drivers don't keep 100% of tips. 

You don’t need a car to be a Dasher, delivery can be made on foot, scooter, bike, or motorcycle. And they provide auto insurance covering up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and property damage to third parties due to accidents while making deliveries in the US.

Potential Earnings: In the past, DoorDash has confirmed an average of $15-$25 per hour. Again, we'll use the midpoint of $20 per hour. $20 x 20 hours per week x 4= $1600 per month.


DoorDash lets you keep 100% of the delivery fee, plus you earn tips and boosts, and it’s one of the gigs that have been reviewed by others as being a decent way to earn cash. DoorDash has confirmed an average rate for Dashers of $15-$25 per hour. Click here to find out if DoorDash could be the right side hustle for you!


Gig economy company 4. Fat Llama



While working one of these side gigs, increase your earnings by renting out some of your stuff. Fat Llama is an online sharing economy where you can lend/borrow camping equipment, photography equipment, tools, drones, kids and baby items, holiday and travel accessories, electronics, audio and visual devices, and more.

Lenders are covered up to $30,000 for lost, stolen, or damaged items and borrowers are vetted and verified before being allowed to rent on the site.

This is a growing site in large urban areas where there are lots of people (and lots of things to list) so keep that in mind when evaluating this as a decent side hustle.

Potential Earnings: According to Fat Llama, lenders (again, in large urban areas) can make around $380 a week on rentals, depending on the item. However, there is a 15% commission for using the platform. $380 per week – 15% commission is = $323/week or $1292/mo.



Gig economy company 5. HelloTech


If you’re handy with tech and can put the peeps at Geek Squad out of business, then check out HelloTech.com. It’s similar to TaskRabbit in that it connects you to people in need of mobile device support, computer repair/help, WiFi and home network support, TV and home theater set up, and more.

According to the website and online reviews, you make your own schedule, it’s nationwide and pays on a per-service basis averaging $30-90+ per service.

Potential Earnings: Say you make $60 per hour with HelloTech. $60 x 20 hours each week x 4 = $4800 per month. Easily, the most lucrative work if you qualify. 



Gig economy company 7. Instacart



If you like to shop for groceries and have a knack for customer service, look into trying Instacart. According to Glassdoor, delivery personnel can make between $10-25 an hour plus tips depending on your location and/or if Instacart is available in your area.

You must be 18 years or older, have your own vehicle, pass a criminal background check, be a US citizen, and be able to lift 30-40 lbs.

Potential Earnings: Let's do a midway of $17 per hour. $17 x 20 hours per week x 4 = $1360 per month.

With Instacart you can't go wrong. Since dinner time is one of the most popular delivery, hustlers can easily work a full-time job, then side hustle for a few hours in the evening to make extra cash via the Instacart Shopper Program.   Click here to sign up for the Instacart shopper program . 


Gig economy app 8. Lyft





When most people talk about gig economy jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is are the rideshare platforms like Uber and Lyft. 

Although it could be due to the area you live in. Depending on location, drivers report averaging $10-35+ per ride including tips.

To qualify you must be 21 years old and pass a DMV background check, have a smartphone, an in-state license for at least one year, a vehicle with 4 doors (or live in a city that offers the Express Drive program), and be able to pass state requirements to drive.

Potential Earnings:  Earnings vary widely depending upon your location. According to this survey Lyft drivers make an average of $17.50 per hour AFTER driving expenses and the Lyft cut (around 20% of each ride.) $17.50 per hour x 15 hours per week = $1,050 each month.



Lyft is one of the most popular money making apps and side hustle options out there. People like it because you get to set your own hours, can drive as much or as little as you'd like, and manage it all from your smartphone. Click here to learn more about driving with Lyft.



Gig economy company 9. Rev




Rev is a freelancing gig ideal for bloggers, writers or anyone already good at typing. Here you can make money as a transcriptionist, captioner, or subtitle translator. You can also make extra money if you know a second language.

Payments are made weekly via PayPal, and this gig is work-from-home, so all you need is a computer and good internet connection.

Potential Earnings: According to their website, you can earn up to an average of $245 a month. 



Gig economy app 10. Rover

If you like animals and have the safe space and time to care for them, then look into signing up for Rover. They offer dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy daycare, and dog walking.

You can also care for other types of pets like cats, lizards, rabbits, etc.

You set your rate (average is $25-38/day) and choose your own schedule.

Potential Earnings: An average $1000 a month or more (according to the website.)

Rover takes a 5-7% service fee for services booked through the app but pet sitters get to set their own rates and get connected to Rover's massive network of pet owners. Click here to explore how to start a pet sitting side hustle with Rover.



Gig economy app 11. Shipt



Shipt is similar to Instacart but includes the delivery of home products and select electronics. The platform was purchased by the Target Corporation in 2017. It is only available in select areas and for select stores.

On average, according to other websites, Shipt shoppers can make anywhere between $10-25 an hour plus tips. It depends on your area and your hustle. One good perk is that as a shopper, you get a free Shipt membership ($99 value).

To qualify, you must pass a criminal background check, be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance, be able to lift 40lbs, and have a vehicle that is 1997 or newer.

Potential Earnings: It says on the website “up to $22” per hour. Let's take a more conservative $15 per hour. $15 x 20 hours per week = $1200 per month.






Gig economy company 12. Spinlister


Here’s another peer-to-peer sharing platform but this one is for bikes, surfboards, snowboards, skis, and the like. If you have any of these sitting in the corner of your garage collecting dust, why not list them on Spinlister to make some extra income.

Potential Earnings: Depending on the location, listers can make up to $100 per week on their rentals (it seems that metropolitan areas fair better than rural areas). There is a 17.5% listing fee, and your rentals are insured. $100 per week x 4 weeks = $400 per month.




Gig economy app 13. TaskRabbit



TaskRabbit connects you with people who are looking for help with odd jobs like furniture assembly, shopping, running errands, waiting in line (yes you read that right), yard work, delivery, home repairs, cleaning, and more.

Depending on the skill and type of job, taskers can earn anywhere between $15-$100+ an hour.

If you live in a major US metropolitan city and are willing to go through the extensive background check to sign up then check out this gig. You must be 21 years old, submit your social security number, a valid credit card number, and direct deposit information. You will also need to pass a criminal background check before you’re eligible to work with them. Once you’re in, you get paid via direct deposit, and you can set your own schedule.

Potential Earnings: I mean, yes, you've heard the crazy stories of how Taskers earn $150+ per hour, but that's the highest level of skilled Taskers. Most Taskers will earn between $30-$60 per hour. Even taking the low point of $30 per hour,  $30 x 20 hours per week x 4= $2400 per month. 



Gig economy company 14. Vayable


This online side gig is for those who are well-traveled, love history, architecture, and culture, and would love to get paid to share it with others as a tour guide. This interesting app connects you with travelers looking for a personal tour guide. You can show them around the places you’re already familiar with. You set your prices and schedule, and Vayable is available worldwide.

It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

Potential Earnings: This website puts Vayable tour guides earning $100-$200 per week. $100 x 4 = $400 per month. 


How can I earn more with gig economy jobs?


Find out how others are maximizing ways to earn more with a particular platform.

  • For example, see how Lyft drivers take advantage of peak hours to get more rides
  • Or how DoorDash and Instacart users only accept large orders and avoid high traffic areas so they can complete more orders.
  • Certain Rover users take care of multiple types of pets (a cat and a turtle for instance) so they can make more money during a sitting service.

Always provide great customer service to your clients. Most of these jobs allow for tips, referrals, and monetary boosts which you get to keep, further increasing your income.



Can I earn more with a gig economy job than working full-time?


Depends on how much you make working a full-time job. I would say this is rare, but many people often start something as a side hustle and then figure out a way to turn it into a full-time income. 

Whatever your reason is to earn extra income, choose a side gig that’s worth your time and will boost your income.

There are a ton of gig economy jobs out there, but some of them pay $0.02 per task! And some of them pay up to $500 per week. You want the big money and don't settle for anything less unless you're truly so desperate for cash.


What else should I know about joining the gig economy?


  • The apps are run by businesses that are not employers, they are essentially brokers that connect you with customers in need of a service that you are able and willing to provide.
  • The broker will always take a commission from your earnings in exchange for using the platform and connecting you with clients. You pay for that convenience. So always read the fine print for fees, commissions, terms, and agreements when signing up.


But this is not to say they are bad. Getting in on the gig economy can be lucrative and a great way to keep your hands busy! Plus you’ll gain new experiences and skills, make new friends and networks, and earn fast income on the side. So keep up the hustle.


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13 Gig Economy Jobs that Pay $1000+ Each Month

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