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82 (New) Ways to Save More Money in 2019

Piggy bank future money savings investment

At first I thought I was just imagining that things were only getting more expensive. Turns out, I was wrong. As the economy recovers, things like food, clothing, and housing are only escalating in price. While economic recovery is good, price increases are bad, (especially when wages aren’t growing to meet these price increases.) It’s […]

Live Your Best Life Saving Money

8 Time Saving Apps and Services that Give You Back Your Day

I don’t have as many demands on my time as others, but I still work a full-time job, run a thriving online blogging business, have to take care of myself, and try to make time to socialize.  I hate glorifying “busy,” but no matter what our situation (kids, family, career, whatever..) we could all use a little […]

Homeownership Saving Money

The Actual Math on How to Save For a Down Payment In 12 Months

bLB Note: This week’s post is a syndication of a piece I wrote for LendingHome.  This article has been lovingly republished with permission. Also – if you’re looking for an AH-mazing workbook format of this post, also written by yours truly (it’s completely free!) click here.    Google “millennial homeownership” and you’ll find many articles about […]