9 Reputable Money Earning Apps for Your Side Hustle Arsenal


Editor's Note: Only the Uber link below is an affiliate link, so rest assured these suggestions are purely based on what the editorial staff deems to be a truly great money making opportunity.  This post was originally published in November 2017 and Updated in August 2018. 

We could all use the extra money, and in the world that we live in, there is an app for everything. After putting together a list of apps that can save money, it felt important to list the apps that can help earn it, too. So, here is a list of the top money earning apps: whether you're selling items, looking to earn money on things you already purchase, or apps that help you start a new side hustle altogether, these apps help you raise money for bills or your most important financial goals. I've also linked to great articles on other sites that can help you get started with these apps since I don't have related content in this area. Enjoy!

9 Money Earning Apps Everyone Should Know About


Offer Up

Have anything around the house you want to get rid of? Or do you want to start a business buying things at garage sales, flea markets and the like? Using OfferUp you can post your items and have sellers reach out to you.

A few words of caution, though the app is free, you never know exactly who it is that you’re dealing with. Make sure to meet in a public place so you don’t have to worry about safety.

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Selling stock photos is a great way to make money, with Foap it’s easier and harder than ever. The app allows you to upload the photos you take or even take photos directly in the app.People will look at your pictures and buy them for $10, of which you will make $5. A good strategy is to just keep putting up picture after picture in hopes that people will buy them. If you've ever wondered what to do with some of your artistic photos of landscapes, food, etc. it may be worth giving FOAP a shot!

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After becoming a tasker and setting your rates the app will then let you know when a task is available. Depending on how much you do you can make a few dollars to a few thousand a month. The more you put into it the more money you make.

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Do you own a car? Do you like to drive and meet new people? Then driving with Uber may be perfect for you. If you pass your background check and finish your activation, you can start using the Uber app to get requests to pick people up. The more you drive, the more money you make. Become a “weekend warrior” and start making extra money!

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The same as Uber in most respects, however usually Lyft passengers will go farther, be nicer, and tip you making you even more money. On top of that driving with both apps (there aren't any rules against it) means making more money.

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Got great brand name clothes you no longer wear? Send it in to ThredUp via the free “clean out” kit and earn money on your items. I like this service because it is 100% hassle free (seriously, it was not any “work” other than bagging up the items) and you can make the choice between earning cash back via check or Paypal or using it as store credit.

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If you are a freelancer, or want to make some extra side cash via freelance type services (writing, graphic design, transcription, etc.) Use the Fiverr app to connect with those looking to hire out work.

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Swagbucks is one of the best money earning apps. If you search via the app and buy items there, take surveys, or watch videos,  you'll get “Swagbucks” which you can then cash in for gift cards. Good gift cards too, to places like Amazon, Walmart, Target.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Google Rewards keeps track of places you have been and (when available) presents a pop-up saying you have a survey available to fill out. The surveys typically run from 1- 6 questions and will net you anywhere from 0.10 to 1.00 which you can use for purchases within the Google family of apps, like Youtube, etc. May sound a little sketchy that Google is tracking your location, but hey, you already knew that didn't you? Why not profit from it, I say.

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9 Reputable Money Earning Apps for Your Side Hustle Arsenal
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