82 Ways to Save More Money in 2019

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At first I thought I was just imagining that things were only getting more expensive. Turns out, I was wrong. Things like food, clothing, and housing are only escalating in price. While economic recovery is good, price increases are bad, (especially when wages aren't growing to meet these price increases.) It's bad because it means there's less of a paycheck to save, and we have to get more creative when it comes to thinking of ways to save more money.

Writing about personal finance for the last seven years means I have a repository full of ways to save money. To save you time, I've rounded them up below. Honestly, as much as it sucks to cut back and feel like you're depriving yourself, it's possible to find ways to save more money, and sometimes you don't even feel it.




Compiled from our extensive archives here are 83 (still relevant and useful) ways to find a little extra cash.



Money saving tip #1: Open a separate savings account.


If you don't have a separate savings account, are you really even saving? My husband would say “yes.” He likes to stockpile cash in one account. Me? I'm too tempted to touch it (and if you're reading a personal finance site, chances are you know this temptation all too well.) This is why I like to recommend readers open a completely-separate-from-checking high-yield savings account to stash away their pennies. 

We like to recommend CIT Bank thanks to it's higher-than-average interest rate (25x the national average) and no-fee structure. You don't have to keep a minimum, it costs $0 each month to maintain, and you only need $100 to open the account. Click here to explore the current 2.3% interest rate from CIT. 



Money saving tip #2: Revamp your budget



Want to save time on budgeting? Download the FREE Trim app. Trim automatically analyzes your expenses to see where you can save, but it also tracks your budget to see where your money goes as well. Click here to download.



Money saving tip #3: Be more strategic with your debt



Consolidating your debt is also a great way to be strategic and lower your interest rates so you can save off money faster. For those with thin credit profiles or lower credit scores, I like to recommend Earnest, as this company factors in work history and school record to give you the best interest rate possible when refinancing. Click here to learn more and to check your rate with Earnest in under two minutes. 


Money saving tip #4 – Hack your bills



You can call and negotiate bills on your own, but you can also use companies like BillCutterz to do the work for you. They'll negotiate lower payments on your behalf and only take a percentage of what they manage to save for you. Then take the extra and immediately put it toward savings each month. Click here to try it out!


Money saving tip #5: Save $1000 using only automated savings apps


One of my favorite posts to promote is this one where I show readers the step-by-step breakdown of how I was able to save up a $1,000 “rainy day fund” in under 45 days. I did it by using automatic saving apps (like these here), but also from saving the extra little “bits” of money in my life: if I wasn't expecting the cash, I put it in a separate high-yield savings account. 

No more excuses for not having an emergency fund or small stash of cash to prevent emergencies. 60% of Americans don't have enough to cover even a small emergency, so often the small amounts like $500 or $1000 can make the difference between living paycheck-to-paycheck and hitting your financial goals.


Money saving tip #6: Save more money by changing your mindset





Money Saving FAQs


How to save more money?


It's really very simple. There are only two ways to save more money: cut what you're spending and earn more. Both are effective, but at the end of the day, you only make so much….so you can only cut so much. To make up the difference, earn more.


Your earning potential is limitless, therefore, the amount extra you can save is also infinite. 


In a nutshell, this is why I'm such a big fan of side hustles. 




With Postmates, you keep 80% of the delivery fee and 100% of your tips. On average, Postmates delivery drivers earn between $20-$25 per hour. Click here to fill out the Postmates Driver application.


How do I save money each month?


Saving money each month is also super simple. 


  • Step 1) Figure out how much you have leftover in your budget after paying your big bills: rent, utilities, groceries, student loan. 
  • Step 2) Figure out how much you'd like to save (10% is a good starting point for those who have large debt payments.)
  • Step 3) Go into your online banking portal and set up an automatic transfer of that amount into your separate savings account.


Here are a few common ways to troubleshoot if you feel you can't possibly automate money at the top of each month:


  • If you are struggling to make rent but still want to save, see my side hustle suggestions above.
  • Are you someone who earns a decent living but still struggles with living paycheck to paycheck? Then try one of my favorite money making apps that will save for you – automatically – so you at least are setting aside something – even if it is a small amount. 
  • If you have a low income and are living paycheck-to-paycheck, try first saving any extra money you come across: like cash gifts, or selling a few of the items you own on Craigslist or Ebay.  


With that said, the power behind automating your savings is very real and very transformative. In a Chime Bank study, those who enrolled in an automatic savings program saved 92% more than those who did not. Why wouldn't you want double the savings?



  Consider this: Everything in your home used to be money. Why not take the time you save not shopping to earn extra from your old items as well. Click here to order a thredUP closet cleanout , or click here to learn more about consigning high-dollar designer items with TheRealReal.


How do I save money from my salary?


There are two ways to save money from your salary:


  1. Automating a set amount of your paycheck into a separate savings account. (Similar to what I described above).

  2. Automatically deducting any pre-tax 401k contributions from your paycheck.


Both are stellar ways to save. You need to save money from your salary for a 401k because it's important to save for retirement, but especially if your employer offers a 401k match. This is money you're leaving on the table, and employers consider it part of your total compensation package – so take advantage. 

To automate additional money into your regular (non-retirement) savings, contact the HR department at your company to see how you can change the number of automatic deductions from your paycheck. 


What do you consider the best money saving tips?


I have two money saving tips that I think are the most effective and typically work for just about everyone. 


  1. Audit your bills every year and see where you can save. Then automate whatever you save into your separate savings account. When you do this, it's like getting a small bonus each month. For example, say you save $40 by switching from cable to online streaming. $40 per month x 12 months is a year is an additional $480 in your savings bank. 
  2. Get a side hustle (or find a better paying job). Play with some of the money, but mostly save it. You'll reach your financial goals faster by earning more. 


My favorite quick side hustle to recommend is becoming a personal shopper with a company like Instacart. With Instacart you can't go wrong. Since dinner time is one of the most popular delivery, hustlers can easily work a full-time job, then side hustle for a few hours in the evening to make extra cash.   Click here to sign up for the Instacart shopper program.



What are the best money saving apps?


There are two money-saving apps everyone needs on their phone: a cashback app (to save money on what you already spend) and an automatic saving app (to save money on top of what you already save.)




Do you have a favorite money-saving challenge?


There are two popular money saving challenges: a no-spend challenge and the classic 52-week saving challenge. One I've done and documented for the site (click the link above) and the other I haven't but both are relatively easy ways to reboot your savings. 


  • In a no spend challenge, you try not to spend any money outside of what you need for bills, gas, and food. It's definitely an interesting approach, but I found it very useful when I was trying to pay off $8,000 of debt in 90 days. 
  • The 52-week saving challenge means you save $1 on week 1, $2 on week 2 and so on. By the end of the year, you should have $2756. And that's a lot of money! You could use a jar or an envelope to keep what you save each week, or you can do manual transfers via an app like Qapital.


Remember: Saving money is like any other skill, you have to strengthen it over time and it takes practice. Don't get caught in the trap of thinking that you're “bad with money” or that you can't learn how to do better. You just have to train your savings muscle the same way you work hard on leg day. 


Want to save more this year without feeling a “pinch”? Consider giving Qapital a try, (especially if you struggle with saving each month). It's one of my favorite money apps. It's free for the first month and then $3 thereafter. I saved $75 my first month with Qapital and am now saving $200+. The best part is that I didn't feel it. Click here to sign up for Qapital.



What are the best ways to save money on a tight budget?


In a nutshell, these are the best ways to save when you're feeling the squeeze of a tight budget. 


Read the full post for more ways to save money on a tight budget, here. 


What is the best way to save money?


The single best way to save money is to automate the amount you're most comfortable saving from checking into savings. Your savings should be separate from your checking so you're not tempted to touch it or move money over with one swipe when the mood for a shopping spree strikes. 


Okay, there, I answered it for you. It's simply the best because it's effective and it works. 




Take the first step to saving more this year by opening up a high-yield savings account so you have a place to automate your savings to that isn't directly tied to your primary checking account. CIT Bank should be your only option (this is where I keep my savings, too!)  because of its higher-than-average interest rate (25x the national average) and no-fee structure. All it takes is $100 to open and you get rewarded for automatically saving each month. Click here to learn more about their Savings Builder program.


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    Great post! Thank you for sharing the knowledge. Keep posting more.

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    Saving money is really my problem most of the time. You shared helpful tips right for me.

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    Cooking at home and joining a focus group are great ideas! I also like your no spending on a first date suggestion because then the two of you can be creative and go for a walk or schmooze at a park. Thanks for the great list!

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    Did a few of these already too! Will try out the others when I get the chance.

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    Amazing tips to save money. Hopefully I can save money with the tips that I’ve learned from you. Thanks!

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    I just planned how I will save my earning this 2019 hours before I’ve read your post. I will be doing a 52 week challenge of savings. I have listed how much I would save and it’s quiet a lot. I guess I have to cut down on my splurges this year.

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    I will surely apply these tips in my finances!!!! Savings are important nowadays. I refrain from over spending that is bad news.

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    Inflation is getting worse everyday. We need all the tips we can get to save money. Thanks for sharing these simple tips!

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    I love your tips because they real and simple. Very easy to apply them. I’v come to realize one of the reasons i find it hard to stick to my money saving goals is most of the times they are very vague.

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    Sweet tips! Will try them all!!!!!!

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    Super tips that can help us save money and make the best of it instead of wasting it. I need to try out some of these money saving apps. having been opportuned to use any.

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    You write ups always leave me in awe…cooking at home can save us so much money ….i would have loved to join the survey sites you listed but I don’t think those living outside the USA can join

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    Great research about thow to save some money. I really need to start saving extra cash this year because the life cost is increasing where I live.

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    Great money saving tips. I need to follow this top. I need to find out if I’m an over spender and try to adjust.we can actually have more money if we spend less.

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