Summer Shopping for Clothes (on a Budget)

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I’m a contradiction when it comes to clothing and shopping: a self-proclaimed minimalist, but I love clothes. I'm also a recovering shopping addict yet still love “the hunt” of shopping for clothes on a budget even more. It’s almost a game for me; I love figuring out what pieces I need for the season, setting a budget, and then trying to get as many items as I can in that price point.

I’m a little bit different than most, too. After I racked up so much credit card debt in college splurging on “fast fashion” I instead prefer to invest in higher dollar, higher quality “basics” that will last me year after year and can easily be rotated and repurposed to make my closet go further. T.J.Maxx is the perfect solution for all the things I’m looking for in a store, and best of all they’re ONLINE now.

(Plus, I got to play out my fantasies of being a fashion blogger for a day – it was an absolute BLAST!)

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Summer Shopping for Clothes (on a Budget): The Looks

For Work

Summer Shopping for Clothes on a Budget: Love this Look!  

Dressing for work in the summer is tricky. You want to be professional, but able to stay cool. In this case, dresses are your best friend. This one from is definitely work-appropriate, but the color and fabric keep it light and playful for the season.

Summer Shopping for Clothes on a Budget: Got this bag at T.J.Maxx!


Shop the dress, or shop the bag!


For Play


summer shopping for clothes on a budget: love these shorts at


These crisp, lightweight, fun shorts are just the trick for a Saturday brunch or Sunday morning spent running errands. It gets HOT (and worst of all) steamy here in Atlanta, so it’s nice to have some no-fuss items to throw on and know you’ll be able to keep cool. has an awesome selection of summer shorts, so it was hard to pick just one pair, but I loved the pink-but-not-too-sweet nature and adorable fringe detail.

shopping for clothes on a budget: hit up stores like for even bigger deals.


Shorts here.


For Special Occasions

 shopping for clothes on a budget - even when you need a dress for summer "special ocassions."


Seersucker is a very “southern” thing and although I try to stay away from too much print, I couldn’t resist this sweet adaptation for a friend’s upcoming wedding. Best of all, you could easily throw on a lightweight blazer or white collared shirt and make this outfit work appropriate.


Shop all dresses here.


Summer Shopping for Clothes on a Budget- How to Make It Happen


First, think about what you need.


When building out a wardrobe for any season, I first take an inventory of my current closet to get a sense of what I need. Then I then think about any events I have like a wedding, big trip, or other special occasion and add it to my list. Then I shop! This keeps me from overbuying and focusing only on items that will integrate well with what I already have.


The crowded racks at stores can often be overwhelming when you’re looking for very specific items, which is why I was really pumped when I found is now available online. It made it much easier to shop and sort for those great brands I love (and when the inventory arrived it looked even better in person!)


Don’t think about price. Think about “price per wear”


Would you be surprised to learn I sourced most of the outfit items below for under $200? None of what I bought was outrageously expensive, but I always keep a quick rule of thumb in my head. Instead of thinking about the price on the tag, I consider how many times I’ll reasonably wear the item, which takes the sting out of paying a higher dollar amount for a piece of clothing. has an incredible assortment of quality designers that I would otherwise never be able to afford. This ensures  the best of both worlds: that the items I do invest in are going to last, and that they’re (most importantly) on budget.


Don’t Over-Invest in Shoes and Bags


I know, I know. This is counter-intuitive to a lot of advice you see out there as shoes and bags don’t drastically vary (trend wise) the way a lot of clothing items do. But hear me out – bags and shoes often get the most wear and tear of any items. I know between the train, the city streets, and the heat, I’m especially “hard” on my bags in the summer. I want them to look nice, but not be so precious or irreplaceable.


I was a little worried about the items looking as good in person as they did online, I was super pleased with all my items when they arrived in the mail.


Like other online retailers, “T.J.” is no different: you get fast shipping, free shipping over $89 and easy returns via return shipping or in store. Best of all, thru 6/21 at 9 am EST they’re offering FREE  sitewide shipping on all orders, no minimum! 


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