The 6 Beginner Bloggers That Are Doing It Wrong


Blogging is a rewarding experience that can even lead to financial gains or the ability to work for yourself from home (see how I build my own blog side hustle, here.) However, there is a fine art to blogging, and beginner bloggers often make these mistakes:

The beginner blogger that doesn’t do it everyday.


Blogging is no different from playing an instrument, exercising, or quitting a bad habit. To be successful, the beginner blogger has to do it every, single day. As the beginner blogs, people will start viewing the beginner’s blog habitually. Not posting content daily disrupts the pattern, leaving the habit loop open and the viewer disenfranchised. If this happens too often the viewer will drop the beginner’s blog from their list of sites they check daily.

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The beginner blogger than isn’t passionate about what they’re blogging.


To do it daily, you have to be passionate about it. Beginner bloggers often choose to blog about topics they think viewers want to see rather than topics they truly care about. To be successful about blogging, beginners have to be willing to engage with their topic and constantly expand their horizons on the subject to be able to post fresh, thoughtful content. If you don’t care about what you’re blogging, it will be too easy to post lackadaisical content and not put in the work necessary for the beginner to become an expert on their subject.

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Beginner bloggers whose content lacks focus.


In the effort to blog daily, beginner bloggers often post content on a variety of subjects. People typically do not go to a blog for authority on multiple subjects. Some blogs are wider in scope of subject, but typically the cupcake blogger doesn’t also blog about Apple products. If the beginner blogs about multiple subjects, that makes the blog about the beginner, which is fine, but this will limit how large the beginner’s blog can grow. A blog that covers a specific topic has a much higher ceiling.

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The beginner blogger that doesn’t engage with other bloggers.


The internet, unlike TV, is a two-way medium. Viewers can interact and respond to media, and blogging at its core is a social endeavor. It’s insincere for a beginner blogger to not view and comment on other blogs. Other blogs are the best way for people to see a beginner’s blog.

The beginner blogger that spends too much time on SEO.


Yes, SEO is important, but it’s more impactful for the beginner blogger to spend their time crafting quality content and interacting with people directly. A large component of the SEO algorithm is being an authority on the subject, and until the beginner blogger has enough content to be considered an authority, one on one interactions that lead to personal connections which lead to those personal connections checking the beginner’s blog daily are more valuable.

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The beginner blogger that thinks it will be easy.

Many beginner bloggers step into the space because they think it’s an easy way to make money and not work a “real job.” Creating content everyday is a grind. Tweaking your website is a grind. It takes months, really more like years, for a blog to reach its full potential. So while there is no real way to quickly ascend the ranks of blogging, avoiding these pitfalls will help take your blog from the beginner to the intermediate level.


Some people think blogging must be easy - it's just writing, right? Wrong! Here are some of the most common mistakes that beginner bloggers make that are holding them back from success!

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