What Saving 40+% on Your Travel Booking Looks Like

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Ever since I started writing more travel content, I get tons of questions about where to get the best travel deals. I’ll admit, I’m not as strong in this area as I would like. I feel I’ve only just barely dipped my toe into travel hacking, and can only really recommend a handful of go-to websites I’ve been using since college.


While I’ve long touted the cash back benefits of using Ebates for cash back and savings, I was blissfully unaware they offered excellent deals on travel, providing significant savings for those who are planning a trip and ready to pull the trigger on hotels, airfare, rental cars, and cruises.


And really, the savings are significant because it’s the deals + cash back + any cash back points you get with the credit card you use.


Depending on the theme of each Travel Thursdays promotion, you can score a different deal – up to 50% off +  up to 10% cash back. This Thursday (today) they’re highlighting top beach destinations, which means (basically) that Cancun is calling my name.


So How Does It Work?


Each Thursday during the promotion, Ebates shoppers can earn up to 10 percent cash back on more than 280,000 hotel, flight, car, etc. bookings worldwide listed on the site. The service works similarly to other major travel booking platforms but utilizes Ebates’ cash back for extra savings.


At 10 percent cash back, members can receive an average of $40 cash back for a three-night stay or $70 for a five-night stay.

The Deals in Action – Hotels & Flights


I know me saying, “oh you can save up to 10%” sounds good, but I’m going to show you just how much you can save off the bottom line. Because I’m a numbers geek like that.


I’ve been longing to take a beach getaway before the end of the year, but we’re #savingforthewedding so this is just a pipe dream at the moment. Still, I’ll use my hypothetical-dream-vacay to show you guys how Ebates Travel Thursdays works. (And potentially convince Rich that we can swing it in our budget after all. ha!)


So I plug in dates for the first (post-Labor Day) weekend in September 7-10. I find they’re running a 50% off deal on the Andaz Mayakoba + 5% cash back via Ebates.


Total Saved = $194.25 x 3 nights = $582.75

+ $27.75 Ebates cash back

= $610.50


Then (again, hypothetically) I’d use Ebates to go to Expedia (which has honestly been my go-to flight booker since college) and book two Delta tickets for $345 each, which brings my total to $690, of which I’d get 7% cash back.


Total Saved = $48.30


Let’s not forget additional Cards Incentives


Ebates Cash Back Visa® Credit Card holders will automatically receive an additional 3 percent cash back when booking travel through Ebates, increasing the total amount saved to 13 percent. Using the numbers and scenario above, card members would get an additional $14.43 cash back on the hotel purchase.


For the purposes of this exercise, I’d use my Delta Skymiles Amex. I’d receive double miles on buying with Delta so I’d get 1,220 skymiles or a $12.20 value.


The Grand Total


Without using Ebates Travel Thursdays, a quick weekend trip like this to Mexico would’ve cost a whopping $1800.


$690 (flights) + $1110 (hotel) = $1800.


With the Ebates discount and cash back, the total comes down to a much nicer number of $1128.90


$1800 – $610.60 (hotels discount + cash back) – $48.30  (flights cash back) + $12.20 (miles value)= $1128.90


For a total of 37% off! Since there aren’t many super deep discounts to be had on travel (like with clothes or sporting goods for example) this is easily the best way I know of to get good deals on travel that doesn’t involve shuffling credit cards around to optimize points.


Don’t miss out on 10% Cash Back at Ebates Hotels and more, today only for Travel Thursdays!


*this post is sponsored by Ebates. All content and opinions are my own.



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