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Self-Employed Taxes: Your Checklist for Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Prep


You’re probably reading that headline and thinking I’m insane. Why would I start thinking about tax season (which everyone knows the deadline is in April) three months ahead….. in January? Well, my friends, you can’t balance a full-time job, get married, buy a house, and do all the things without being super organized and ahead […]

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This is How to Save 1000 From Scratch in 45 Days (No Latte Skipping Required)


  The impetus for this “mini challenge” – to save 1000 as quickly as possible – came from my realization the other day that at 31 I only possess one savings account.  I’d never really noticed it before until we started getting big gifts to help fund our wedding expenses. I didn’t want to mix in […]

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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast + How I Paid Off $8,000 in 90 Days


Ready to learn how to pay off credit card debt? Then you’ve likely been doing a bit of reading and searching the internet. (It’s probably why you’ve landed here!) Personally, I’ve read lots of debt payoff stories over the last seven years of blogging about money and personal finance.  Some are great and inspiring; others […]