67 Ways to Pay Off Debt


January is debt month after all, and we couldn't call ourselves “Financial Best Life” without highlighting some of the more creative ways to pay off debt. Below are 67 ways to help you get started on your own debt journey, and yes we counted twice.

Also, if you're really serious about creating a debt payoff strategy that WORKS, you should take our course The Debt Master Plan.

69 Ways to Pay Off Debt

  1. 6 ways to get a handle on any shopping problems. 
  2. Evaluate 0% Balance Transfer Card offers to lower interest. (Also here and here.)
  3. 10 steps to shop your closet (so you don't buy new clothes on a credit card!)
  4. 7 debt myths to stop believing right now.
  5. 5 ways to stay motivated during a debt payoff journey.
  6. If you've got a lot of debt, refinancing it to a lower interest rate and smaller payment may be the best option for you. (Admittedly, it isn't right for everyone.)
  7. Start a small side business.
  8. Have a blog? Here's how to make it profitable so you can use the extra for debt payoff.
  9. 8 Ways to Save Money (for savings or debt payoff!)
  10. Do a spending freeze or a no spend challenge!
  11. 3 savings tips from this real-life couple that paid off $91,000 in under three years.
  12. Purge your belongings and sell what you can for extra cash. 
  13. The 5 easiest things to cut when paying off debt.
  14.  9 Legit side jobs you can find on craigslist.
  15. Start selling digital products.
  16. Take online surveys for an extra $100 here and there.
  17. 5 more ways to pay off debt.
  18. Take a free debt payoff course!
  19. Work with a debt management company.
  20. Save the change from our favorite debt app, Qoins.
  21. Make smarter payments by using Tally.

Have your own creative ways to pay off debt? Share in the comments!


Looking for some easy, fun, or just creative ways to pay off debt? Look no further! We've collected up 67 different tips and tricks for paying off debt in one handy post!

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