Travel Wrecks Me – Here’s How I Get Through It

I wouldn't say I'm a total jet-set. I only take a few trips each year. But whether I'm flying international or just under two hours, travel used to mess with me in a big way. I had a hard time sleeping, I was always a touch more tired than I wanted, and it always took me just as many days as I'd been away to feel “normal.” I suspect I'm actually a highly sensitive person and because of this travel has a big impact on how I feel.  Once I figured this out, I started looking into ways to make traveling a bit easier on my nervous system. Below are some of my favorite “hacks” and also a few fun purchases I made last week in order to prepare for my next big adventure: Hawaii for ten days with my folks. (Keep up with me on Instagram for photos from my recent trips!)


Chug. It's so funny because in this interview I did with Johnny Jet, I talked about my air travel and pretty much all my advice was centered around drinking water. Seriously, I'm not very good at it, but I always load up (in a big way) the week before my flight. I wish I could be as good at drinking water all the time as I am pre-flight. I use this water bottle for when I'm anywhere the water quality is a little suspect.

Glug. I start taking Emergen-C a week before the flight as well. I can't statistically verify this, but every time I'm “too busy” or forget to do this important step I wind up really, really sick post-trip. So, yeah, just take it.

Plug. I charge up all my devices and backup batteries. Again, something I'm bad at doing in “real life” but when I travel I try to make an effort to make sure that no matter where I am, I have enough battery to stay connected.

Skip. I'm talking about the flight. The salt. I read in this article that you shouldn't eat anything that comes on airplanes. This is super hard to resist because a) I love snacks in snack-size packets and b) there isn't much to do on planes. It was even harder to resist when I flew first class for the first time on this trip and was given several heavy meals over the course of the flight. Try and abstain if you can, it will make a big difference in how you feel when you land.


During Trip/Post Flight

Shower. I got this tip from my friend Jackie who always showers immediately after a flight. (Or, at the very least, doesn't lay or sit on the bed where she's sleeping with her plane clothes on.) Maybe a bit much, but she feels its important to scrub off “flight gunk,” and I have to admit it does feel good.

Sniff.  One time in a hotel, the turndown service included a lavender mist on your pillow. Decadent right? I recreate this experience with this $6 bottle of essential oil spray from CVS. Lavender is my favorite scent, but they have others. Since I also use it at home, it helps the hotel rooms smell more like “my bed” and therefore I sleep better. I also bought the roller ball in this scent to dab on my wrists and under my nose on airplanes because….well, airplanes smell horrible.

Snooze.  When I first whipped out this eye mask, I had friends make fun and call me a “diva.” While I don't wear a sleep mask every night, when I travel I can't go without it. It makes sleeping on planes easier, is perfect anytime you're sharing a room with multiple people (and someone comes in later than you or want to keep the light on), or when you've crossed time zones and have a hard time getting to sleep.

Skip. I'm talking about salt again. The first few nights I'm back I try to cook at home to limit my salt intake.

Hydrate. And this time I'm talking about both your body (with water) and your face. My face gets pretty crusty after plane travel and being off my “normal” skincare routine. Sheet masks are my jam the night I get back in from a flight.(These beauty editors even do them on the plane during longer flights.) I've never done a full mask, but I do hydrate with moisturizer about every hour or so (that I'm awake) on the plane.


Travel Essentials

Here's what I bought in preparation for Hawaii.


  • A great pair of sunnies. (I like the brand Quay (also introduced to me by my super chic friend Jackie) because they come in fashionable shapes without the high-end price tag. This pair was just $50)
  • SPF (I use BeautyCounter or this kind by Josie Maran)
  • This suitcase (pictured above) ….and this bag for carrying a sunhat. After every hat I've ever bought getting smooshed in transit, I decided enough was ENOUGH.
  • This sun hat (because I'm currently working on getting some previous sun damage removed before the wedding and don't want to get anymore!)
  • A sexy long sleeve swimsuit (from RueLaLa) for even more sun protection


But the real question is….am I an old lady now that I'm officially going to the beach with a long sleeve swimsuit, sunhat, and glasses?


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  • giulia
    April 26, 2018 at 3:18 am

    grat tips for every kind of travels:P

  • Wise Money Tips
    April 25, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Great tips! Especially the one about staying properly hydrated. That is a good one whether you are traveling or not. With regard to the beach attire, not protecting against the sun will make one look like an old lady (or man) prematurely!