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When you're done with that, then tackle the to-do list below!

Below are what the FBL team believes to be the seven most important steps for money novices to take to tame their finances. (As former money messes, we know what we're talking about!) Once you’ve mastered the basics, it's easier to talk about earning more money and getting into a home.

If you’re just getting started, that’s okay, you're definitely in the right place! This list is for you:

Step 1: Build a f*cking fabulous budget. (There’s a worksheet for that in our vault. Sign up in the side bar to the right!)
Step 2: Set up a small emergency fund before you start paying off debt.
Step 3: Check your credit, so you know your score and what to do about it if it’s low.
Step 4: Focus on paying down high-interest debt. (There’s also a worksheet for that the vault too.)
Step 5: Super charge your savings.
Step 6: Set up a side hustle, and brainstorm other ways to grow your money tree. Ask for a raise at work, or start investing. (Be sure to also snag the side hustle worksheet in the vault!)

Step 7: Save a little something for retirement. Click here to learn how to set up an IRA investment account.


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