Join Us for the Second “February No Spend Challenge”

Last year, I attempted to do a “spending freeze” during the month of February. I called it the “February No Spend Challenge” and thanks in large part to J. Money at Rockstar Finance featuring the post on his awesome website, over 100 people signed up to join me.

I picked February because it's the shortest month of the year, so it made sense to attempt not spending any money at all for the full 28 days. I even did a video on Youtube every week, which, frankly was a very odd experiment for me.

And it all went pretty well until I got hit with the flu right in the middle of it.

Not only did I feel like complete sh*t, my spending went through the roof on doctor's visits and medicines (and lots and lots of soup.) The February “No Spend Challenge” didn't really get a fair shake and it's been calling my name for the full calendar year since.

So, I'm doing it again this year. Instead of videos, I'll be doing some type of check-in/Facebook Live combo (you know, another odd experiment for myself) and I'd really love for you to join me.

The only rules are to have as many “no spend days” as possible.

Gas and groceries and bills don't count, but everything else – dry cleaning, the gum you bought at the gas station, or an in-flight magazine etc. counts. If you spend it, you don't get to count that day.

That's it! Last year's winner (the person with the most no spend days) got a $20 starbucks giftcard just as a fun little “Thank you for playing” incentive. If more than one person has the highest number of days (like last year, we had a handful of people go the full 29!) they'll be entered into a generator where the winner gets randomly picked.

It's not an exercise in frugality, so much as a re-boot and lesson in mindful spending. Click here to sign up. And get excited, because we're about to save a lot of money.


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The February No-Spend Challenge


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