Progress Lighting Chandelier Install & Reveal

Getting a chandelier in the dining room wasn't exactly a priority. But then I got the chandelier from the ever-generous in January, and the thing sat and stared at me for two months.

This is what I was working with before. Not too bad, but definitely not the elegant dining room feel you're used to.

dining room light fixture before

Let's get started. 

My Progress Lighting Chandelier Install

I got the Progress Lighting Inspire Brushed Nickel Five Light chandelier. (pictured below)

started by turning off the fuse to the dining room in the basement at the fuse box. ALWAYS do this first! Then I took down the existing fixture. Pretty self-explanatory, but I like photos, so here you go.

taking down existing light fixture

Lbee being handy

My new favorite picture, but only because someone awesome took it.

The Installation

Once the old fixture was down I laid out the instructions and supplies. These instructions literally give you NOTHING. The most time consuming part of this process was trying to figure out the order of stringing the parts.

progress lighting instructionsI was all cocky, because aside from some too large cable box issues, putting up the Moen fixture in my master bathroom was painless.

Things you will need for this:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutters
  • Electrical tape (optional)
  • Pliars
  • A second set of hands. This is a must as someone needs to be holding up the chandelier while the other person is wiring it.

Once you take all of the parts out, you have to string the wires through the screw. This screw then goes into your mounting bracket, which should go on last, but do not attach it to the ceiling yet.

stringing wire through mounting apparatus

You will probably have extra electrical wire and chain link.

lots of extra wire and cable

Yours truly in her sexy Sunday morning PJ's doing a little DIY.

You will need to cut this down PLENTY (hence the need for wire cutters…) but be sure to leave about twelve inches extra. One mistake we made was keeping the electrical wire too short, and it became VERY taut when hung, which made it difficult to keep the wires together in order for the light to work. My chandelier ended up hanging about a foot down from the ceiling because I preferred it not to be so drapey.

The chain link can also be pretty tough to break. My trusty helper, Matt, had the best luck by putting a screwdriver in the chain, and twisting it open with a pair of pliars.

pulling chain links off

Mounting and Wiring

Once you have your wire and chain to the desired length, it is time to mount and wire this bad boy. Picture below does not have chandelier attached because the picture didn't come out very clear, but you'll want to attach the mounting bracket to the large screw that is holding the whole chandelier together, and then attach it all at one time to the wall socket.

This is where the second pair of hands is necessary as they hold the chandelier while you mount and wire.

screwing in the mounting bracket


Next you connect the wires. I did need to do a little bit of snipping so that the main electrical wire came apart into two separate ones.

cutting the wires


As I mentioned before, the wire was too tight and it ended up pulling the wiring out of the orange cones. Once we loosened it a bit to have more slack, I simply put one wire with the “white” into an orange cone, one wire with the “black” wire in and orange cone, and then I wrapped the copper wires together. You can secure with electrical tape if desired. I did that last time, but found it wasn't necessary this time.

let there be light!

The After!

This post makes it sound easy, but for all the troubleshooting we did and time spent figuring out the directions, this light bulb was a much welcome sight!

The finished product.

chandelier after


chandelier second view


Ta-da! It looks as if it has always been here, and the nickel finish matches the curtain rods, so I'm happy it all “goes” together. It elevates our dining experience as well, we're so fancy now!

Dining Room Collage

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