Money Pet Peeves + The Lady Who Never Has Cash

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Everyone has a pet peeve, but what about a money pet peeve?

Examples: Having to split the bill equally with large groups, having to tip all the time, people who complain about being broke and then go to Coachella.

Mine: Not having any cash. And the thing is, I'm always annoyed with myself because I NEVER HAVE CASH. Ever.

That’s right. I’m that schmuck who, if I can’t leave a tip on the receipt, the person who serviced me gets stiffed. Mostly, it happens with valets (well, when I used to have a car anyway.) Go ahead and shame me in the comments. I deserve it – It’s TERRIBLE. And I know it. 

One year, I even set it as my resolution to keep more cash on hand and I failed miserably. Why? Because my resolution was simply to “carry more cash.” And I didn’t create any type of goal or plan around how I was actually going to make that happen.  There's three big issues I'm having:


  1. I do all of my errands by app so I’m not ever really out near an ATM. It isn't convenient to my lifestyle.
  2. This feels super retro and weird in a way
  3. I’m not sure I believe in paper money anymore (why isn't everything digital already? why does the penny still exist?), so if this isn’t in line with my values….why?


It’s literally gotten to the point where I’m annoyed if a place won’t take cash. Since the switch from EMV to chip, I’m even starting to get crouchy when paying with a card. But I can't keep living in a world that takes cash without it. And if I'm being honest, it's nice to have a little bit on you and to live without the “do I have enough cash for the valet?” anxiety.

Favorite workarounds/ATM alternatives to cash? I go to CVS once a month. If I go and get some cash back – is this the place to start?

Also feel free to leave your own money-specific pet peeve in the comments below.

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    It sorts of gets on my nerves when I don’t get a good opportunity to tip my favorite valet. If I;m staying at a hotel for more than 3 days, I sure choose my favorite valet and then try to tip him/her when I check out. The last 3 times, consistently, I missed the opportunity so I skipped tipping altogether. It’s strange but it’s true.

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    I was just traveling and couldn’t leave a tip for the housekeeping staff. I thought I had $5 in my bag, but could not find it. 🙁 Most hotels will let me add a tip with CC when I pay the bill, but this one wouldn’t do that.

      • Gretchyn Bailey
      • May 23, 2018

      I never knew you could leave a tip when you check out!

      My current strategy is to save my $5 bills in a separate compartment in my wallet so I have enough money to tip the housekeepers. I travel a lot for work, and if I don’t have those $5 when I walk into the hotel, my tipping plan falls apart. I never remember that I need to stop at the front desk to break the $10 or $20 bill I have for tips. I like to tip every day because you’re not guaranteed to have the same maid every day. I’d hate to leave a $20 bill after 4 days in the hotel…only for a brand-new maid to get a windfall while the gal who changed my sheets every day got stiffed.

      Anyway, thanks for the info!

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    Intereasting point of view, for many year my salry disappearend in few days then I needed to have a budget and follow it so I understood the importance of money, savings and buddget…honestly I tend to fix a determinated amount every week for categories (grocery, pets, fun stuff-books and magazines in my case-and usually I pay almost all with cash and write on journal every single purchase I do in the day…seeing money hang out from wallet helps me to stay focused on my goals….howver is true a lot of people say a lot of negative things about their finances and then they are on front row at Coachella…

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