5 Ways to Make More Money at Your Day Job


You spend a big chunk of your life at work so it makes sense that you want your income to reflect your effort. If your paycheck is feeling a little light, try these tips to boost your earnings and make more money at your day job.

#1 – Know Your Worth

Knowing how your income compares to the averages in your industry can give you an idea of your value and a confidence boost when it comes time to ask for a raise. You can use online job surveys such as Payscale.com, Salary.com, or Glassdoor.com. You can even search job listings in your industry though the salary range isn't always listed.

While these numbers can give you a good idea of where you stand, keep in mind that they are averages. Some professionals in your industry will make much more and some much less. Factors to consider are your location and your individual performance. If you're a rock star at work but your pay is less than the average, it could be a good time to have a conversation with your boss.

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#2 – Continue Learning

It's becoming harder and harder in corporate America to get promoted or become part of upper management without advanced education and/or certifications. The good news is that there are also more and more options for distant and online learning, making it easier than ever to continue your education.

Start by having a conversation with your manager about your desire to earn a certification or degree. Find out if your company offers any type of tuition assistance or reimbursement. Also, gauge your manager's interest and support. Will continuing your education help you earn more at your day job or help you get promoted?

You should also research job ads to see what types of qualifications they list for potential candidates. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money on a degree that isn't going to take your career to the next level.

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#3 – Volunteer for New Projects

Aside from formally earning a certification or degree, another way to boost your earnings is to demonstrate that you've learned new skills. While you're looking to fatten your paycheck, the first thing on your employer's mind is always going to be how your skills can help the company.

Offer to take on additional tasks and get involved in new projects. You may be great at your current job, but you're already getting paid for that. If you want to make more, you often have to show that you're capable of doing more.

#4- Tackle the Job Above You

If you're looking to increase your earnings potential, start learning the job of the person above you. It's important to demonstrate that you can fill the next role and that you aren't letting yourself get too comfortable in your current position.

This may mean asking your boss for additional responsibilities and taking ownership of new tasks. Show that you can handle more responsibility with confidence. When you have questions for your manager bring solutions, not problems. If there is an issue, think through a potential way to solve it first before asking your manager for input. Don't go to your boss expecting them to offer the solution. This shows a lack of leadership and isn't likely to help you get promoted anytime soon.

#5 – Ask For What You Deserve

Asking for a raise can be intimidating and uncomfortable, but don't let that stop you. Just remember that timing is crucial. You should consider these points first:

  • Are you really going above and beyond in your current role and getting good feedback from your manager?
  • Do you have examples of difficult projects you've handled and customers you've made happy?
  • How is your company performing financially? Do you see co-workers getting promotions, or is the company in a period of transition?

If you're doing an awesome job and you've been there at least a year or more, then it might be time to ask for what you’re worth.

Working the 9 to 5 (or even more likely the 8 to 7) can be draining especially if your paycheck isn't meeting your financial expectations. Don't get discouraged. Following the tips above can help you not only make more at your day job but also increase your earnings potential for years to come.

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Ways to Make More Money at Your Day Job - because someone's gotta work and bring home the bacon, right?


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  • Oliver @ Appreneurinvestor.com
    July 28, 2017 at 7:58 am

    I would recommend everyone to read this before they ask for a raise or resign. Numbers 1 and 5 are the core of them all if you ask me.

  • giulia
    July 18, 2017 at 5:52 am

    I’m totally agree with this post and I think that also if you’re doing the job of your dreams find time to learn something new, this keep your brain active and younger:D