I lie about my financial goals all the time…..

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“If you don’t need the money, why go back to work?”

I encountered this question over, and over, and over again when I went back to work last year.  And lately I've been encountering similar questions within other pursuits.

How can I possibly explain that there’s just a certain amount of money I want to make.

That while what I make annually on my website is ideal for most, it isn’t ideal for me and my wants/dreams/goals? I strategically used the word “ideal” here instead of “enough.” Of course, it's more than enough and I'm incredibly grateful, but it's not the put it on the vision board and channel it ideal.”

And for the longest time, I tried changing my mindset instead of just saying “f*ck off” to those who asked.

I tried channeling abundance, feeling okay with what I have, and changing my money mentality in order to feel okay with what I make.  And I do believe that if you're truly grateful for what you have (that I learned after following some of the advice in these books) more comes your way. It's super awesome how that works.

Still, I want more. Still, I keep this quiet.

Why is it I feel the need to lie about how much I want to make each year? Why do I have to justify why I want a raise? To increase affiliate commissions? Or to work a job with 2-3 side hustles in order to get to my money goal?

The answer feels inherent – who wouldn't want more money?

  • Why do I feel the need to downplay this?
  • Is it out of fear of being perceived as greedy?
  • Afraid people will think me ungrateful?
  • Why is the conversation always around making your current income work (to stay on budget and hit x goal and y goal) instead of making more?

From my perspective, it feels being fiscally ambitious is more acceptable of a trait in a man.

Actually it feels like being fiscally ambitious is culturally engrained in men and that if they aren't making mad money they're labeled “slackers” or “losers.” Interesting, no?

I know this article in the New York Times elicited a lot of mixed responses from folks, but personally, I found it super empowering. I'm not over gratitude, but I am over lying and “being humble” or “playing small” when it comes to what I actually want to be making and it felt nice to hear that another woman felt the same way.

I want to stack cash and I want nice sh*t. There. I won't lie about it anymore.

As Jessica Knoll says in the article, “If anyone calls that obnoxious, I want to do what men do, and shrug.”

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    Interestin gpoint of view and I noticed that sometmes you need to earn extra to pay off a debt, then whe ny ou a debt free start to ssave fpor “unexpecdet” and we must to be realist everyone would like to have enough money to don’t eorry about anything

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    I like money. Nay, LOVE it. I want more of it. It makes my life easier and is the key to achieving many of my goals. And yes, I would like toi hit $100k partly for ego reasons as well. I want to never be constrained by lack of money,

      • Lauren Bowling
      • June 5, 2018


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