A Learnvest Review (+ Why It’s My All-Time Favorite Money Tool)

I'm almost 30 and still single, but I've been using Learnvest for nearly six years (since 2011, baby.) That's a year longer than I've been blogging and after all this time it's still my all-time favorite financial tool. For those who are looking for new tools to help manage their money, I thought an honest no-holds-barred Learnvest review would be helpful. But really, it's more like a love letter than a review, but keep reading to find out why I love it just oh-so-much.

How I Found Out About Learnvest

Flashback to 2011 when I still a financial train wreck, but I was really starting to get serious about managing my money better after overcoming my rampant shopping addiction.  I was googling basic financial terms like “how to start a budget” and “how to pay off debt” and I stumbled across several FREE Learnvest courses that I devoured in one sitting.

Of course, like any good business, they recommended I sign up for their free My Money Center app in the courses and I signed up right away. Like any other expense tracking tool, it syncs with your checking, saving, and credit accounts so you can keep a closer tab on your spending.

A Learnvest Review of My Favorite Features

Here are some of my favorite things about Learnvest My Money Center:

  • The app is FREE (although you can upgrade to get 1-on-1 time with a financial advisor).
  • It syncs with accounts at many financial institutions.
  • You can set up goals and track your progress over time.

Learnvest Review + Why It's my Favorite


  • You can add in cash transactions manually and folder expenses however you want to so you never miscount a penny.
  • Plus it's easy to disqualify transactions if it's just a bank account transfer between multiple accounts.
  • The Learnvest website itself also has a very active blog and article database with GREAT content so you can continue to improve your finances while reading great pieces.

Just One Gripe in this Learnvest Review

I was initially drawn to it (back in 2011) because of its feminine theme and color scheme. I felt like it was a tool built FOR me. The technology has advanced a lot since those days and they've since added a lot of updates that have taken care of some of my previous gripes. If I had to come up with something I disliked about the software, it would be that it's probably not as “flashy” or “modern” as some of the other tools out there, like Mint.com for example.

But I like that it's not as complex. It's easier to go a little bit deeper into my finances and feel like I'm actually managing my money rather than putting it all on autopilot.

Given that I've been using it for such a long time, I now have a lot of historical data on my spending patterns, which makes it great for when you write about personal finance and need to dig up some numbers. I think out of all the apps available, Learnvest has some of the best “reporting” type tools that allow you to see visual representations of how you're spending.

A Learnvest Review about Why It's My Favorite Software

How Learnvest Helped Change my Financial Future

There are so many ways Learnvest has helped make my financial future a lot brighter: from helping me track my debt repayment progress to letting me know when I'm getting close to my limit in a certain budget category, I definitely wouldn't have been able to fight the good financial fight without a “weapon” like Learnvest.

A Learnvest Review + Why It's My Favorite Money Tool

Why You Need Learnvest

Even if you don't feel like Learnvest is the fit for you, just get some type of budgeting tool in order to live your best financial life. But here's why you need Learnvest.

Budgeting is hard. But the first step in setting up a budget is getting a great expense tracking tool (like Learnvest) so you can see where your money is going. Having a tool like Learnvest makes it 1000% easier to better manage your money. Plus, playing with numbers and great looking dashboards is kind of fun, no matter how you feel about money.


A Learnvest Review + Why we think it's better than any other FREE money management tool.

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