How to Find Your Big Blog Idea


“I want to write a blog, but I don't know what I'd write about.”

Honestly, I hear this all the time. More often than not, it isn't that people don't have a blog idea tucked away in their back pocket – it's that they have too many ideas and interests or they don't feel as passionately about their idea as they should.

After five years of blogging and three years of privately coaching others, I've got just the thing….a new email course!


Blog Idea Brainstorm : 5 Days to Find Your Big Blog Idea


Over the last year I've been implementing free email courses to a) better educate readers and how to manage money better and b) do it in a new, fun, engaging way. I've seen huge success with these (people love them!) and so when coming up with a way to better engage people around starting blogs of their own, I, of course, turned to a free email challenge.

….Don't worry. It has worksheets (new worksheets at that!) We all know how I feel about worksheets.Β 


Here's what it covers:

  • Examining Your Interests (how to find what you're most interested in blogging about)
  • How toΒ Evaluate Your Expertise (looking to what you're good at to supplement your blog idea)
  • Specifying a Niche (how to find the most specific niche for your idea)
  • Brainstorming Content (how to figure out if your idea something people will want to read?)
  • Your Origin Story (crafting a brilliant “why” for your blog idea to share with future readers)

Why I Created this Course

I developed my new course, Beginner Blog Accelerator (which opens for enrollment next Wednesday!) for true beginners because I saw a gap in the market. Every other course assumes a basic level of knowledge, or that you already have a blog up and running. Mine is a non-intimidating way for those with zero tech experience to get started.

The course even covers how to refine your idea into a brand…..but again, I was assuming everyone already had an idea.

When I surveyed those who didn't buy after my soft launch last month on why they didn't buy, the response I heard most often was, “I want to blog, but don't know what I'd write about.”

Most people do have a germ of a blog idea; this course and the worksheets help separate the fact from the fiction.

So, I created this free course to fill that need. It's based on my years of experience helping others shape blogs and refining my own brand from L Bee and the Money Tree into Financial Best Life. This “methodology”Β works… because I've used it myself and know that it does πŸ™‚

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Want to blog but don’t know where to start? Take the FREE email course, Blog Idea Brainstorm: 5 Days to Your Big Blog Idea. Click here to enroll!


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Want to blog but unsure of what to write about? This free email course walks you through how to find (and act on) your big blog idea.

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