An Exhaustive List of LB’s Home Buying Resources (28 and Counting!)


For a hot second I was reposting (with permission) articles I'd written for various real estate outlets. And then the madness had to stop because there were just too.many. and it got out of control trying to keep up with them and post in a timely manner.

BUT, my fiance´and I started shopping for our first home together recently and I found myself digging around in the archives of my own site, in an attempt to try and refresh myself on the process. While in many ways, buying a home again is like riding a bike, it's also uncharted territory. Seriously shopping with a partner (I bought my last home on my own for my then-partner and myself. This one will be co-owned) is new to me. We're also buying a much bigger and pricier house, so I'm learning many new things as well. In the spirit of “what's old can be new again,” I've decided to compile THE ULTIMATE LIST of home buying resources for those who are going through the process too.


Preparing for Home Ownership

How to Start Building Credit if You Want to a Buy a Home in a Year

5 Baby Steps to Take Today to Prep Your Finances for Being a Homeowner

What is a Smart Home? Why Does it Matter to Home Buying and Selling?

3 Common Millennial Homebuying Anxieties: And How to Keep Your Zen

The Actual Math on How to Save For a Home in 12 Months

10 Crucial Things to Do Before Buying a Home + 5 Ways to Save


Financing + Pricing

What is a Conventional Loan? How is It Different Than Others?

The Beginner's Guide to FHA Loans

What is a 203k Loan? Is it Right for Me?

How the New Tax Plan Could Affect Homebuyers 

Student Loan Debt Delays Homeownership 7 Years – Here's How to Deal

5 Home Buying Mistakes that Can Cost Thousands

7 New Home Expenses that Will Blow Your Budget

The Home Shopping Process

4 Ways Buyers Can Outsmart Rising Home Prices

10 Smart Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

City, Burbs, or Rural? How to Pick Where You Should Live

5 Ways to Spot the Next “Up and Coming” Neighborhood

Q&A with Redfin Real Estate Agent

Contract, Underwriting, + Closing

Navigating a Bidding War

Closing Day DeMystified: Here's What Really Happens

A Checklist: How to Survive Your First Week in a New Home

How to Shop for Home Insurance for Your First Home

What's Included in a Home Inspection? The 7 Questions to Ask


Selling & Renovating

Home Renovation Costs: My $58,000 and Where I Spent It

The Ultimate First-Time Seller Guide

The 5 Most Important Things to Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

How to Make the Most Money from Your First Home Sale

4 Ways to Pay for Home Renovations

Do me a favor? If you see anything missing, or if you have any questions on something real estate related that isn't listed her, hit me up on Twitter or via email and let me know. You just may see your question turned into an article!

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  • JJ
    October 4, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Great list. It’s so helpful for people to have a place to go that explains all of this. Especially my divorcing clients who need a new place to live!