9 Gifts to Give Your Finances (and a Few Treats for Yourself…)

Am I the only one who indulges in giving gifts to myself at the holidays? I do at least one “big gift” for myself each year…and I can remember them all. The J.Crew coat I pinched my pennies for in 2013, the West Elm bed I saved up to buy in January 2016 when it went on post-holiday sale,  a new set of makeup brushes. I do it because I like spoiling myself. Why should I wait for someone else to do it?

And it doesn't even have to be some decadent, material thing. Many of the products I'm highlighting this year are good-for-you financial gifts. More stuff doesn't always equal better. Whether it's a new financial product, or something for your mental health and wellness, the items below were curated with only one thing in mind – products to serve you long after the holiday season is over.




  1. Lofton Organic Sheet Set ($125) – When was the last time you thought about your sheets?  After registering (and receiving) some high quality and super soft options from our wedding registry, I'm now fully on the “these sheets make all the difference” train. Pricier than options you can get at Ross or T.J.Maxx, I love this set from Saatva Dreams. They're soft, organic, and for once you'll actually be investing into something you'll actually use. BONUS: hopping into a nice, soft bed is great stress relief for a turbo-charged holiday season.
  2. Visa Gift Card Options from GiftCards.com ($25-$100) – I'm a big fan of gift cards for any occasion (see here),  but gift cards can also be great to gift yourself. I like to buy a few from stores I like during this time of year and then use them in Q1. They're great for guilt free spending if you're doing a January money reboot or no spend February. Plus, if you don't use them or need a last-minute gift in a pinch, they're great for gifting to others as well.
  3. $25 Cash Back to Open a Savings Account at CIT Bank* – If you're looking for a no-fee savings account, get $25 cash back from me when you open with CIT Bank. They just debuted their new “Savings Builder” feature which gets you their highest rate (currently 2.25%) if you commit to autosaving $100 each month!
  4. $100 Bonus to Refinance with CommonBond – Right now you're all cookies, presents, family commitments, but have you thought about refinancing your loans? Refinancing can help lower monthly payments, decrease total paid on interest, and free up more room in the budget for other savings goals (like emergency funds and buying a home.) Financial Best Life Readers get $100 back from CommonBond when they refinance with my link.
  5. $25 Cash Back to Start Your Own Blog * –  If you're thinking about starting your own blog, business, website do yourself a favor and get hosting via HostGator, again using my link you can get $25 cash back from me which in some cases can financial your initial “I'm going to start a blog” investment.
  6. Year of No-Fee Investing with Wealthsimple ($1) – The older I get, the more interested in investing I become..and not just in investing for retirement but for my short term goals too. WealthSimple is KILLING THE GAME in this area: diversified portfolios, best-in-class technology, and transparent fees. Financial Best Life readers get an entire year of investing with no fees via my link. Seriously, you can get started with just $1 – there are no account minimums so investing is accessible to all.
  7. Goop Discovery Starter Set ($125)- I've struggled with skin problems my whole life and switching to organic products has made all the difference. Investing in skincare is so important, and it's made such a difference in how confident I feel each morning (that's super corny but true…) I've included it on this list. My favorite item in this kit is the exfoliating mask. It makes your skin alarmingly RED  and stingy at night, but then you wake up like an angel baby in the AM. I use it 1x per week instead of nightly because my skin is super sensitive.
  8. Trunk Club Membership ($25) – I've bounced around nearly all the styling services and I keep coming back to Trunk Club as the old standby. I'm also gifting many of the men in my life Trunk Club gift cards this year. They can style outfits for you, but I use them to hunt down high quality basics when I don't have the time. 
  9. New Bank Account – ($0)  – In 2018, I was all about adding multiple accounts to my financial toolkit (See here, here, and here.) I thought I didn't want more than one because of the hassle, but actually it's been pretty nice to have multiple accounts designated for different purposes. I've banked with Chase since 2010, and am very happy with them. If you sign up for a new account you can earn a $350 bonus with qualifying activities. (Psst. Signing up for new bank accounts and getting the bonuses is one of the creative ways I made extra money to pay off my debt.)



*For cash back offers – please see terms and conditions on our affiliate disclosures page here.

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