How to Get a Masters Degree for Under $10k with Capella University


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I’ve been thinking about going back to school lately, especially since I started my new in-house job this summer. Admittedly, it’s crossed my mind several times over the last five years, (Maybe an MBA with an emphasis in marketing or something) but the costs associated with getting a masters degree often don’t seem worth the investment. Especially since I graduated debt free, I’m loath to take on additional funds …and in general, the older you get, going back to school seems increasingly hard for most of us.


But the truth is that getting your Master’s may be able to help you advance in your career.


However, once you’ve got a job, own your own business, or start a family, it can be tough to find the time to get back into the classroom. Not to mention finding a program that doesn’t break the bank.


So, what should you do if you want to get your Master’s Degree but don’t think you have the time or the funds?


There are several options for ways to pay for grad school:


  • You can open up a savings account and save up to pay for your degree in advance
  • Take advantage of an employer-sponsored tuition plan, so you can reduce your own out-of-pocket expenses
  • Borrow the money for the degree by taking a student loan (Is this recommended? Depends on your situation.)
  • Get a scholarship or grant! (Not just for those young, new high school grad whippersnappers!)
  • Pay as you go


My solutions for finding the time to commit to pursuing a graduate degree? Well, that’s a bit trickier, but I might have just the fix. Flexibility is the core component of the Capella University’s FlexPath learning format. It’s even in the name!


FlexPath is Capella’s online learning format that gives students control of the pace at which they progress through your degree program and when you set your deadlines for your assignments. And FlexPath also offers a very affordable degree option – you can complete as many courses as you want every 12-weeks, taking up to two simultaneously.

*Books, supplies and other fees may apply. Program length and cost depends on the number of courses completed per 12-week session, the per session cost, and prior coursework.


Why the Need for Something Like FlexPath?


Instead of a traditional term tuition setup, FlexPath has a subscription-based model. Which means you have access to complete as many courses you want during that 12-week term!


You aren’t paying per class like you would in a traditional setting, and you can get a huge amount of benefit out of each term, allowing you the possibility to graduate faster and for less of your hard-earned money. (Plus there’s no pesky campus parking or roommates to worry about.)


Another thing I learned about the FlexPath program is that it allows you to utilize your own experience in the courses. Since you’re moving at your own pace it’s easier to complete the stuff you know and spend more time on what you don’t. You aren’t cramming for tests or pulling caffeine-fueled all-nighters anymore.


It’s a program that works for people of all different experiences, backgrounds, and professions.


Real-life examples (found here):


  • Kati – Not only is she a nurse, a new mom,  an author, a podcaster, and the blogger behind FreshRN. She’s using her expertise not only at work, but also in the courses she completes online. By getting her master’s in nursing through FlexPath Kati can further her career, but she doesn’t have to sacrifice time with her family.


  • Coni – The Fortune 500 executive who balances managing an IT dept., her family, and her MBA FlexPath education. Coni felt unable to progress in her field without a degree, but didn’t have the bandwidth to go back to school full-time. FlexPath’s online classes are both convenient and let her utilize the skills and knowledge she had already acquired through her career.


  • Todd – who is able to earn his Master of Education with FlexPath between his teaching career and spending time with his 2 young kids. He’s able to apply new skills to his own classroom, while simultaneously working to further his career.


Actual FlexPath students who are compensated for appearing in this blog.


I love these examples because they all demonstrate how people who are busy (I mean, aren’t we all?) find time to fit higher learning into their schedule and lifestyles because of FlexPath.


Learn more about how FlexPath can help you meet your personal goals on your own schedule without breaking the bank by checking out Capella University’s free FlexPath guide!



Get your masters degree for under $10k with Capella University Flexpath #spon

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