Winter is Coming: Our Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

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Rich and I got married at the end of December. I've shared these photos on Facebook and my Instagram, but with the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones in just a little over a week, I thought it would be fun to (finally) share our wedding photos with readers. We had a lot of fun and the wedding felt very intimate, with personal with touches of “us” throughout the day. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 


One of the biggest ways we did this is with subtle, fun nods to our favorite show, Game of Thrones. This also helped it to feel like there were elements of Rich's personality in the day because – largely –  most of it was an execution of my vision.


Getting married around Christmas, we wanted to include the best of the season with bits vintage-inspired decor. Everything about the day screamed “holiday,” and I loved it. After all, winter is coming. …(or at least it was back in December. ha!)

Below, some highlights from the day. I'm so happy with how it turned out!





Above: A beautiful white fur coat from my mother-in-law made the perfect accessory for outdoor photos. The florals by Bold Events totally stole the show (everyone on the day and viewing the pictures afterward commented on them. They were wintry with just the right amount of amazing color. 




Above: My dress is by Jenny Packham, but I didn't pay the designer price since I bought the sample here in Atlanta from Kelly's Closet. A friend recommended the shop to me and I had the BEST experience there.  In terms of the dress, it was everything I was looking for:  a classic and elegant shape, vintage-y and the hint of the sleeve. It turned out to be the perfect look for a winter wedding. From far away it looks very simple, but up close it ‘s a show stopper and I'm currently racking my brain trying to figure out how I can wear it again. 




Above: The train on the dress made for some amazing photos, but our wedding day was rainy and even with a bustle it was covered in mud by the end of the day!



Above: We kept things simple with just one attendant each. Jackie picked out her own dress from Beholdn and the navy color ensures she'll be able to wear it again. To add more people into the mix we had a friend officiate, and our siblings do readings during the ceremony. There is more than one way for folks to participate without making them be a part of the bridal party!



Game of Thrones Wedding The Hand of the King


Above: As part of our Game of Thrones wedding theme, Nick (the best man) wear The Hand of the King pin. (Ordered from Etsy.)


Below: The Wimbish House proved the perfect location for our wedding. Not only was the beautiful, historic home perfect for my vintage ideal, but it's in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta. Being that Rich and I met in midtown, lived in several apartments in the neighborhood, and recently bought our first home together in this area, we loved the idea of getting married right in the middle of the neighborhood and community we've grown to love over the last few years. Out of town guests could also walk from the hotel to the Wimbish, which helped us save on transportation costs. 




Above: The biggest Game of Thrones part of the day is how we did a seating chart by houses. Bold Events came up with the design using an authentic map of Westeros. The level of detail Bold put into the map was outstanding. One of my favorite details from the day (and we're getting it framed for the house!)


Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration - Seating Chart


Above: We carried the colors: navy and burgundy and gold throughout the day. I was worried about it clashing with Game of Thrones elements but it worked out well!



Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration


Below: A few more of my favorite photos from the day! (And yes, I chose to have both parents – who raised me equally –  walk me down the aisle. #feminism)







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    Lovely ideas and your wedding dress was amazing, simple and elegant at the same time:D

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    I absolutely love the seating chart/map of Westeros.

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