The Debt Master Plan – A New Debt Payoff Course

Life gets expensive, and even if you're pretty money savvy and don't spend outside your means, you'll take on debt at some point or another to finance the things you need: a car, a house, an education. The universality of debt is why 30% of respondents in this survey said paying off debt was their New Year's Resolution. This is an awesome and worthy goal….

..except we all know how new year's resolutions (usually) turn out.

I'm here to help make debt history for you in 2017 with my free debt payoff courseThe Debt Master Plan.

First, Why I'm a Debt Expert

Hi, I'm Lauren. I've been blogging about personal finance for almost five years now, first at L Bee and the Money Tree and now at (#rebrand). By far, my most popular post is the one on how I paid off $8,000 in under 90 days back in 2015. Before that, I paid off $10,000 of credit card debt from college in fourteen months while living and working in NYC.

In short, I'm a debt payoff ninja and I used the methodology of my $8k in 90 days challenge to build out this free debt payoff course.  I can't guarantee you'll pay off all your debt, but I can guarantee that by the end of this course you'll have a wonderful plan in place to tackle your debt and I'll provide the steps to help make it more manageable.

What You Get in This Free Debt Payoff Course

One email, every day for eight days + 2 accountability check-ins from me. Here's what we'll cover.

Day 1 – Laying it all bare (and putting all your debt into a debt tracker!)

Day 2 – Getting ruthless with your interest.

Day 3 – Creative Consolidation.

Day 4 – Creating your debt master plan.

Day 5 – How to trim the excess in your budget.

Day 6 – How to Hustle Your Way to Debt Freedom.

Day 7 – Setting rewards.

Day 8 – Staying motivated for the long term.

You'll Also Get

The course also comes with companion worksheets and “homework” exercises to make sure you're not only creating a debt payoff plan, but executing on it as well.


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Create a debt payoff strategy in less than one week with this free course!



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