1970’s Brick Ranch Remodel – Before and After

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I would never say, “Oh, I have a thing for brick ranch houses,” but after two flips and now moving into one of my own, I have to saw I'm smitten. There's something about the ease of a brick, one-level home. And for flipping, I saw the safety in the investment. People love one level houses – minimum 3 bedroom, 2 baths. Perfect for families. This post covers the brick ranch remodel – the before and after – that I completed on my first flip June – October of 2020.

Looking in the rearview at these project – both in this post and this one – all these YEARS later has been fun, but I have to admit I'm getting itchy for another project. And also thinking, how can I begin to make this happen again. I'd love to restart the flipping houses chapter of my life!

Brick Ranch Remodel Before and After

It was REALLY fun to take a look back through these old photos. Nearly four years later, I had forgotten a bit about what all we did to this 1970s cutie during our brick ranch remodel. She'd only had one or two owners (IIRC), and the exterior needed some attention. Even though the finishes were outdated, she was in GREAT condition!

The basement level had a full third bathroom which is what really sold me on this home. Third bathrooms in this area of town are rare and add incredible resale value.

Below, the primary suite got reconfigured to allow for a wider entry and better closet.

Brick Ranch Remodel: The After

I made the mistake on this flip (my first, and also my first time selling a property as a licensed agent) and did not invest in professional listing photography. Later the following summer, the ones I did for this flip were amazing and I'll never take photos on my phone again.

A small change I made to maximize space is to widen every doorway from the main living areas to make it feel more open and modern without having to put up a supporting beam.

When I initially chose the main blue color for all the living spaces, I freaked out. It felt *too* blue, like a baby's nursery. But in the end I came around and I think it made the space feel really lovely.

I kept the original floors and vanity and shower surround in here to save money, but freshened everything with paint, new counters, and new fixtures.

The snazzy floor tile in the basement bathroom was my favorite part of the house.

There were also a number of exterior projects we did on this house that aren't pictured that contributed to the total $70k cost — a new deck (the old one was rotted). Putting a mini split in the sunroom so it could be a proper part of the house, and fixing some of the brick on the exterior.

Brick Ranch Remodel Before and After: The Numbers

I have more details on what I spent here because it was my first flip and I documented it RELENTLESSLY. (My other flip was right before my divorce happened so the numbers are a bit more ambiguous. I know I barely made any money on it.) But for this one, my first, I did really well.

The real estate investing phrase, “you make your money when you buy” is totally true and I believe that is why this flip was more lucrative than the first. I was hungry to keep my momentum going and completely overpaid.


  • Purchase Price: -122,500
  • Buying Costs: -500.00 (attorney's fees)
  • Holding Costs: -2434.04 (Insurance and utilities)
  • Selling Costs: (3% commission to buyer agent and closing concessions) -12,786.00
  • Renovation: -78,745.35
  • Sales Price: +255,000.00
  • TOTAL PROFIT: 38,034.61

The TL:DR on my First Brick Ranch Remodel

This was such a sweetheart of a project. I got a great deal on the buy, we had very few (if any, again — it's been so long I can't remember) major hiccups on the renovation, and I was able to sell it quickly to a really great couple who had family a few streets over. For close to $38k profit, my ROI was 31.9%. (I used this calculator to help!) I had such great beginner's success on this flip, I decided to turn right around and invest the profits in another. You can read how that went, here.

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