Lauren’s Blogging Journey

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I've been blogging since 2012. Back then, I was unemployed and had just moved back to my parent's house after two years in NYC where I failed as an actor. I'd been working as an administrative assistant to pay the bills and wasn't really sure what I wanted from life. All I knew, was that I really didn't want to spend my life being someone else's assistant.

While I contemplated my next move, I moved back in with Mom and Dad. Noticing my lack of purpose, my Mom handed me an article from USA Today that gave millennials “tips” for ways to keep their skills sharp while on the job hunt. One of those ways to stay sharp? Starting a blog… which back then was still a new-ish concept.


It could've been the unemployment boredom, but I soon became obsessed with mastering the art of blogging. I'd spend 12 hours a day on the internet researching how WordPress worked, how to leverage social media into readers, and of course, how to use it to make some sweet cash on the side.

I was job hunting when a CEO of a tech company took notice of how much I talked about my (then brand new) blog in my interview. Eventually he offered me a job running the blog and social media of his company.

….And just like that I went from ex-actor to marketing professional, which is why I'm so passionate about a blog's ability to transform people's lives. It changed mine completely!

Blogging has allowed me to change careers (from acting to marketing) without going back to school, and over the years has led to so many amazing opportunities: hundreds of thousands of readers, features in big name publications, getting paid to work with well-known brands, and a sense of creative and personal fulfillment I never dreamed possible when I was sitting at my lonely hedge-fund desk job in New York City.


Eventually, my website became so successful and profitable I was able to leave my full-time job in marketing to work for myself. In the blink of an eye, I went from blogging-on-the-side to self-employed entrepreneur and I haven't looked back.

In 2015, I started coaching other bloggers on how to get started and grow their own online blogs, but coaching one-on-one was more expensive than most readers could afford.

So, I put all of my knowledge in one course at an affordable price point so course students could work with me but with a personal coaching type feel. I'm excited to get up and work every day.

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