Beginner Blog Accelerator – The Course for Beginner Bloggers with 0 Tech Knowledge


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Ten weeks ago I pitched an idea for a course to my email list, and now it's ready for the world – all 10 modules, plus a deluxe segment for those who want to get started blogging but don't know where to start.


So, if you're thinking about joining me in Beginner Blog Accelerator – let's go step-by-step.

Here's exactly what you get when you enroll in Beginner Blog Accelerator.

Module I: Creating and Perfecting Your Brand
What you'll learn: what branding is, why it's so important for bloggers, how to pick a blog theme, topic, and name, how to incorporate your own story into your blog brand, and how to find your target audience and market to them.

Module 2: Building Your Website
What you'll learn: how to be a WordPress pro, how to buy hosting and a domain name, how to set up your hosting and domain name, how to install wordpress, what your site needs to look “legit” from a design perspective, how wordpress works and how to use it!

Module 3: Creating (and Launching) Killer Content
What you'll learn: how to get started writing content, how to create an editorial calendar, how to format and schedule posts in WordPress, how to write amazing headlines.

Module 4: Promoting Your Blog
What you'll learn: how to start promoting yourself and your blog, how to become more comfortable with self promotion, how to pitch for guest posts.

Module 5: Blogging on Top of Your Day Job & Busy Life
What you'll learn: how to blog consistently, how to find time to blog on top of your 9-5, how to create and achieve your blogging goals.

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Module 6: Growing a Social Media Following
What you'll learn: how to create a social media strategy, how to create posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, how to use social scheduling and Image making tools.

Module 7: A Primer on SEO and How to Use it To Grow a Blog
What you'll learn:
how to find keywords, how to write for SEO, how to optimize posts for search engines in WordPress.

Module 8: Tracking Growth
What you'll learn: how to install and use Google Analytics to grow your blog's traffic.

Module 9: Setting Up an Email List
What you'll learn:
How to install mailchimp on your WordPress site, how to create 3 different kinds of campaigns in the software, and how to create your first opt-in freebie to grow your email list.

Module 10: Setting Yourself Up for Monetization
What you'll learn: How to install ads, Beginner monetization strategies, and how to pitch brands for sponsored posts and free product.

Also included: 70 lessons 25 video tutorials, 26 worksheets, and bonuses worth over $700 (a Facebook group with private access to me, Creating Killer Content e-book, How to Pitch Press e-book, and lifetime access to any new modules and updates.)

Also included if you buy during launch week: “BBA Advanced” (the premium module) which includes 2 more modules of content, 13 lessons, 4 worksheets, five videos, and everything you need to get through your first year as a money making blogger.

…..All for the $185 price tag that expires at Midnight on 4.26.

But the window for you to join us at this special price is closing. I want to see you start living your “best life” now, without paying a ton of money.

Why You Should Consider this Course (and starting a beginner blog in general)


I get asked all the time the “secret” to creating a freedom based lifestyle or how others can replicate the same success.The only answer I know is:


start your own business. Stop trading your time for dollars.


And blogging is one of the easiest, lowest- cost businesses anyone can start from home with their own little fingers. All it takes it time, tenacity, and the right amount of know-how. (which I will provide in BBA!)  But you can't get to digital nomad status without taking that first step.

Which is why I want you to consider starting today.

In Summary – This is what you'll get this week….

  • It's 12 modules of content created specifically for beginner bloggers.
  • 80+ lessons of what you need to know with tech tutorials and step-by-step training for the internet-y stuff.
  • 30 worksheets.
  • 30 videos.
  • 3 Bonuses.
  • And access to a Facebook group full of people just like you so you can share ideas and help one another stay accountable.


But More Importantly…This is What You'll Create in BBA..

  • A blog centered around your passions, interests, and ideas, that will eventually become the “brand of you.”
  • A blog that you can work on in your own time; in between the demands of your job and quality time with family.
  • A process to help you grow that blog into a website with readership and influence.
  • The building blocks to help you begin to monetize the site.
  • The first whisper of your own online blog and business, which will eventually be your keys to financial freedom.

Sounds pretty good, am I right? With all of that said, I hope you'll consider joining me in Beginner Blog Accelerator.The water is just fine 🙂

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This is the course for beginner bloggers who have zero tech experience but still want to blog as either a business or creative outlet.

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