4 Reasons Avon is the Perfect Business for Side Hustlers, Moms, and Beauty Lovers


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Getting older (hello, 30) means me and my friends are having those “adult” conversations. I have friends who are having kids and beginning to navigate the “how will we pay for it?” and “who will take care of the child while we work” decisions.




Staying at home with a child sounds scary. Not because I’m only slightly terrified of dropping a baby, but because as a personal finance writer, I can’t imagine not having at least some income of my own.


Fortunately, times are changing and there are now tons of options for people who need to work from home, run their own business, or create a side hustle to bring in extra cash. We are living in the most “make money” economy that’s ever existed and this is very exciting!

Meet Natasha – a Successful “Mom-preneur”


Natasha Lightner, 40, is a stay-at-home Mom and Avon Sales Representative from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s one of the best examples of someone who refused to accept the status quo, and instead made bold choices to align her time with her values and priorities.


Natasha Lightner


Natasha spent over 15 years working her way up the corporate ladder in the Finance and Healthcare industries. Then, in 2015, she reached a breaking point. “Because of his job, my husband was less and less available to be at home. I was finding it difficult to manage my own high stress job, be a mom, run the house, be a professional and have all these expectations.”


Realizing she wanted to spend more time at home and be more available to her growing sons, Lightner made the decision to walk away from her corporate career – with no “plan B.”


“I’d never really envisioned being a stay at home Mom,” she admits, “It wasn’t something I had dreamt about or considered.”


After a few months at home, however, Lightner felt adrift. “I went from a very structured life to a very unstructured life, and I was missing the things that jobs provide – feeling satisfied, recognition and rewards, and having something that just belonged to me.”


She didn’t want to go back to having a full-time career, but knew she needed more than being “just” a stay at home mom. Having been a lifelong Avon customer, Lightner decided to give selling a try. “I started because I wanted to get an Avon discount, and try a new challenge.”

But perhaps even Natasha couldn’t have imagined the success she’d find running her own business.


After nearly two years, she’s one of Avon’s most successful sales reps, and she’s recruited over sixty other women sale representatives onto her team. Most recently, she sold enough Avon to earn a free, all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.


4 Reasons Avon is the Perfect Flexible Business


There’s a reason Avon is a solid choice for anyone looking to replace their full-time income or earn money on top of a 9-5 job, and is especially popular among women.


  • Access to amazing products. “Avon has been around for over 130 years, yet the brand is younger than ever,” Lightner says. The company is shifting the way it markets its beauty products to millennials, empowering Representatives to use technology to tap into their social circles.


  • The Network.  With Avon, you get to make money, but have the built in aspects of a network and community that make you feel like you’re a part of something bigger. When I spoke to Lightner on the phone, she was preparing for RepFest, Avon’s annual conference with over 6,000 attendees.


  • You get to be the boss. You can work on your own terms and your own time; as little or as much you want, and you get to earn.


  • Family gets to be the priority. “When you’re working in corporate America, your boss is going to dictate when you work and the deliverables you have to provide.” Lightner says. “I get to work and sell and still be there for my sons.”


  • Low Start-Up Costs. Avon is one of the easiest home businesses to start with three flexible “starter kit” options at $25, $50 and $100. Click here to learn more.  


Whether you sell Avon, start a side hustle creating your own product, or start a service-based business, the options are limitless for those who want to work and stay at home with their kids. My favorite part of these types of options? They empower people to create the “best life” of their own choosing.


It’s very exciting as a young woman to see that as women, we no longer have to accept the status-quo; the either-or situation of choosing a career or having a family.




See why so many women love using Avon as a side business or way to replace full time income after opting to stay at home with the children.

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  • Johnnielynn
    August 13, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    I tried selling Avon, I was my own greatest customer. It didn’t work out for me. I did babysit for a woman who sold Mary kay, she may have paid me in part by makeup. 😱 Best babysitting job ever!!

  • Yolanda Anguiano
    August 8, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    This business can also be conducted strictly via social media – and you can let Avon do the delivering for you! You never have to deal with product face to face if you don’t want to. The commission is the same whether it is face to face or an online or a combination. Giulia, do both lol <3

  • giulia
    August 4, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Interesting point of view is good side hustle that can be perfect fo rbusy mum but I think it depends also from kind of person you are,for example for me is easier work inthe cafe instead work with Avon, but this is personal…However I have a good number of friends that are earning extra cash with it:D