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If you don’t work in banking or finance, or only have a passing interest in your own personal finances, you may not be aware of just how much the financial services industry is changing. Consumers now want more than ever from their bank, including a trusted place to go for financial advice.

A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates highlights some of the changing desires around the way consumers bank:


  • 78% of retail bank customers want guidance from their bank. 41% want investment-related advice; 39% want retirement-related advice; 35% seek advice to help keep track of spending and household budgets, and 33% want guidance on saving for a large purchase (29%).
  • While there is strong customer interest in receiving advice, only 28% of customers can recall recently receiving any type of financial advice. 
  • Millennial customers are among the most receptive to bank advice:One in three (34%) customers younger than 40 say they are “very interested” in receiving advice from their bank.


Thankfully, banks like Regions are stepping in to deliver what people want.


Customers Want Options But Want Them Closer to Home


In high school, I opened my first checking account at a Regions Bank because my parents were (and are still) loyal Regions customers. There was always a Regions Bank a short drive from our house. I closed the account after I moved to New York City and couldn’t find a location near me, choosing instead to open my primary checking account at a different bank, directly across the street from the hedge fund where I was working at the time. This was the only reason I chose this bank.


It isn’t just me. Statistics prove bank location matters. Another study from Mintel finds that for millennials (like me, and many who read this site) proximity is one of the most important reasons for choosing a primary banking relationship, across all ages. Nine out of 10 choose their bank this way.


Good news if you’re a Regions Bank customer, or find yourself intrigued by their friendly, informative radio ads – they’re adding new locations in the Metro Atlanta area. But in addition to adding more locations, they’re also adding innovative, cutting-edge features to give customers more of what they want, including a way to get that all-important financial advice from a trusted source.

All new branches offer the following advanced features and services:


Regions’ Video Banking Machines– these Video Banking Machines connect customers with a Regions Banker via live two-way video. Along with processing most teller transactions, these bankers can help customers with account maintenance and general inquiries. They’re available during extended hours on weekdays as well as on weekends and most holidays.

DepositSmart ATMs®– customers will have access to a Regions DepositSmart ATM in the branch’s 24-hour vestibule, which can accept deposits and cash checks for customers at any time, day or night.

Facial recognition and fingerprint technology for customers using safe deposit boxes. This system employs several layers of technology designed to enhance security surrounding safe deposit boxes while also improving efficiency of access for Regions customers.



Bank How You Want, When You Want


Developments in technology have made being in touch with your finances easier than ever, and it’s exciting to see financial institutions changing with the times and catering to customers’ desires.


It’s so rare that I get the opportunity to represent something happening in my hometown. If you know me, you know that I adore “my city” and truly love where I live. It’s especially exciting to let my fellow ATL-iens know about special developments in our area. Having a convenient branch location is just another great reason to love where you live!


Innovations like these help customers bank how they want, whenever they want. Thanks to new features like the ones Regions is putting into their Atlanta locations, customers no longer have to choose between smart financial decisions and my millennial tendency to do everything remotely (unless of course, it comes to ordering Postmates. I fall for that every time!)


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