An Entire Trip Around the Sun, Unfiltered Content + Another Blog Birthday

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Do you ever have a moment where you stop and think, “Hey it’s been a year since….Month X, Day X (June 15th)” and remember what you were doing on this exact day last year? (You may have seen it on Facebook. It has a clever app that will tell you exactly what you were doing in the past.) And then after that moment, you realize you took one full rotation around the sun, did a lot of hard work, and ended up in the same place from which you started?

If it hasn't’ happened to you, then I hate you. (Kidding) If it has, well then, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I made some changes to the site and I’m pretty darn jazzed about them.

Except, these changes are things I should’ve been doing for the last year.

Or really, things I was probably doing pretty well back when I was LBMT and then quit doing them.

Because here’s where I’ve been in the last year or so:


  • I did a very expensive rebrand where I immediately scrapped the design 90 days later
  • I changed the entire name and tone of the website during one of the darkest times of my life (because why wouldn’t I be making big business decisions when my entire psyche is in turmoil?)
  • I decided I wanted to sell the website, so to try and make the site more marketable I tried to bleach out all of “me” from the website. All the photos, my stories, my voice.
  • Turns out it didn’t take, I couldn’t sell it because people thought it was still too “tied up in my own personal brand.”
  • Took some time away to decompress.
  • Then I decided I actually wanted to keep the website. And that I missed blogging.
  • Also decided I feel okay writing about money when the mood strikes.

Which brings me back to where I started which is infusing every bit of “L Bee” back into every corner of this website. 

So, here I am. One more rotation around the sun. Another blog birthday (I started blogging in May 2012.) It went by in a blink, (but the freckles around my eyes tell me I've aged.)

And it feels like everyone I know who started blogging at the same time is ABSOLUTELY crushing it, while I’ve been in limbo the last few years simply “maintaining.” I won't lie – it hurts. Not that their success hurts me or has any impact on what I'm doing, but I feel left behind.

But…I know it's my own fault I've let my “personal” brand get a little screwy in the last year. In all my confusion, I honestly wasn’t really ready to let readers “in.”

I'm writing today to say I finally feel that time is over, and to kick things off I'm adding even MORE content back into the site as a “happy blogging birthday” gift to myself. I want to CREATE more and FILTER less and just get back to the art of enjoying what I do. Here's what to expect:


  • Mondays – Regular, “polished” posts (the usual how-tos and tips)
  • Wednesdays – What I'm calling “unfiltered content”. Think 500 words or less and only 30 minutes editing time. More disorganized and just around my general thoughts on a topic. The aim is just to create and put it out there
  • Thursdays – Email newsletters

You can see the videos of the small tweaks I've made to the blog below and an update on the places you can find me if you'd like to follow along on the journey. 🙂 Follow along on instagram @thelaurenbowling. 

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