Affordable Wedding Gifts (Under $70) With Society6

Recently on my Instagram stories, you may have seen me highlight a bunch of colorful, unique, and (best of all) affordable wedding gifts. They're from a curated, Etsy-esque type site called Society6 and if you haven't heard of them you should definitely check it out.

These gifts are perfect for brides (and grooms) who have fun tastes and you want to give them something more personal than steak knives or a microwave. Best of all, fun art prints or a decorative tray shows consideration without breaking the bank. I mentioned on Instagram that for the price, I was a little skeptical of the quality, but was quite pleasantly surprised. All of the framing and trays are a very nice wood.

Below is the list of what I chose for my home, but check out their website for more options.


  1. Rose Gold Mug ($15.99)
  2. Honey Bee Bathmat ($27.94)
  3. Atlanta Midtown Skyline Framed Print (15 x 21 – $66.99)
  4. Building and Pink Bokeh Art Print (17 x 13 – $35.99)
  5. Batroom Framed Art Print (10 x 12 – $49.99)
  6. “Sex and the City” Art Print (Mini 8 x 9 – $19.99)
  7. Abstract Breakfast Tray ($37.99)




I was also tempted by the cutting boards and their bedding options. We're in between houses right now, but again, a FANTASTIC gift.


*this post is sponsored by Society6. All opinions are my own. 

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