3 Days in Barcelona – Our Itinerary and How We Enjoyed the City

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After taking in all of Madrid's delights, we embarked for 3 days in Barcelona. I was amazed at the different “flavor” in each city: Madrid is a bit more corporate, like NYC. and Barcelona is a party town like Miami.


Both are charming, but Barcelona offers a bit more of a “historical” element (which I always enjoy.) We only had a few short days in Barcelona, and we did our “wine tour” on one of them, so below is what we did and what you can skip and what you should definitely see.


A final note: I felt we did a better job at booking and seeing sites in Madrid, I got a little slap happy in Barcelona and booked WAY TOO MUCH. We came home exhausted and sick from so much running around. Also, Barcelona is so charming on its own, I wished I'd planned a day just to browse the streets and explore instead of having each minute structured. Definitely learned my lesson on that one.

The view from our hotel room.

3 Days in Barcelona – What to Eat, See, and Do


Day 1


We took the train from Madrid to Barcelona. I always love taking trains through Europe. They're so clean, really affordable, and a great way to see the countryside without having to worry about renting a car. When we arrived in Barcelona, we went to our hotel, dropped bags, and then met our private guide for this Museo Picasso and Gothic Quarter Walking Tour.  Here's  is a similar tour (not private.)


Us and fabulous tour guide, Emme

While we enjoyed our tour guide and skipping lines at Picasso museum very much, these are all things you could (and should) do on your own.  They’re within walking distance of one another.


  • Museo Picasso
  • Gothic Quarter
  • La Rambla
  • La Catedral
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Del Pi
  • Arc di Triomphe


It was fun having a local as a private guide. She was very funny and after the tour, we went for drinks and sat and talked about the struggle for Catalonian independence, a bit about her life, and what we needed to know about Barcelona. Sipping cava and talking with her was one of the highlights of the trip.

Cruise Pic

In the evening, we did a Sunset Cruise of the Mediterranean, but it was a little lame. I'd skip unless you just LOVE the water.

Near the beach though is the restaurant Can Paixano, which is rumored to have some of the best tapas in Barcelona. I thoroughly enjoyed. Bring cash and expect to stand in line and be a little pushy when it comes to ordering. It's a lot like a New York Deli; you stand at the bar, wait for someone to give you a nod, and then yell your order out.

You can handle it.

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Day 2

So, if you're going to Barcelona, you're going to want to “See the Gaudi.” I had no idea who he was before going, but let me tell you, seeing his architecture is truly a life-changing event. He was so ahead of his time and I'm still thinking about his work nearly two years after this trip. Damn.


Interior of Casa Batilo





On Day 2 we did a combo tour of Casa Batilo (one of Gaudi's famous houses) and La Segrada Familia (the Church he designed). You could do Casa Batilo on your own, but I DEFINITELY recommend a tour guide for the Sagrada Familia. It’s a zoo. The guide explains things and lets you skip the line and then you get to explore on your own for as long as you want.

The windows at La Sagrada Familia


We had lunch someplace unremarkable near La Segrada Familia.

In the afternoon we did a Segway tour (I know, we cannot be stopped on the segway. This trip convinced us to buy one for the house which I ride a lot in my instagram stories). The segway tour covered these sites:

  • Port Vell
  • Moll de la Fusta
  • Barceloneta
  • Olympic Village
  • Parc de la Ciutadella
  • Arc de Triomf
  • La Gama
  • Basilica de la Merce

I'll admit, I was so.exhausted. so I skipped this one. But Rich went. I will never schedule three activities in one day while abroad EVER again. It's vacation. It isn't supposed to feel like work.

After my refreshing nap we had another (unremarkable) dinner near the hotel, but we did venture out to Dr. Stravinskys, which is literally the coolest bar I have ever been to. It has an old ‘mad scientists' lab vibe and they make their own mixers, each designed for a custom flavor profile, which is how you order (sweet, tart, bitter, etc.) The cocktails here were also some of the most well crafted I've ever had too!

Drinks at Dr. Stravinskys


Day 3

Spoiler alert: we did more Gaudi. We woke up before dawn for this tour which allows you to tour Casa Mila (aka La Pedrera) before it opens (no crowds) and watch the sunrise from the roof. This one was cool because you get to go to the roof before it opens so it was quiet and you could see great views of the city and the sun coming up. All of my favorite photos are from this location at this time of day. Truly magical. The tour itself was just so-so but getting there before everyone else was worth the price.

View from the roof of La Pedrera at Sunrise – incredible!

After Casa Mila, we rushed to meet our walking tour group for Park Guell (Gaudi's park where he was trying to build a very unique Spanish subdivision in the early 1900's.) Definitely go, but you don't need a guide.

Park Guell

In the late afternoon, we did an Electric Bike Tour all over Barcelona and to Camp Nou. My fiance´ loves soccer, so seeing this museum was a “must” for us. I loved getting to take the bikes all over the rolling hills and through the cute neighborhoods. Again, how I wished I'd left us time for exploring! On this tour we also got to see:

  • Montjuic Palace
  • The Barcelona Olympic Site 


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Field seats at Camp Nou

 That night we did another fabulous bar, Paradiso (Barcelona has THE BEST cocktail bars.) It's a speakeasy, but we American tourists were very fooled by the facade. It's a ham sandwich shop and you have to pull on the refrigerator door to find the way inside. Inside is a very sexy tiki-bar vibe.

They're a bit more avant-garde with their cocktails than Dr.Stravinskys, but I would definitely do them both. I couldn't resist ordering a vodka that came smoked (yes, smoked) in a REAL treasure chest. Instead of a glass, I had to drink the salty sweetness out of a seashell. The biggest thing I miss about Barcelona is that I can't go to this bar again.

My treasure chest cocktail

3 Days in Madrid + a Bonus Activity

Every trip we take abroad we try to visit the local wine region for a full day. If you have an extra day in Barcelona, I recommend exploring or hitting up one of the winery tours that leave out of the city.

We did this tour, which covered Montserrat, a religious site (in the morning), and then the Cordoniu Cava winery tour. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I definitely had a very calming, spiritual experience being high up in the clouds of Montserrat.

In Monserrat, you're above the clouds early in the morning. When we arrived, this was the view. I imagine this is what heaven looks like.
The church at Monserrat. There were several choirs performing there when we visited.


But it is very touristy and grows more touristy by the hour as the day progresses.

The cava tour was fun, but it wasn't groundbreaking. Also to our dismay, you can buy Cordoniu in the states for ~$12 a bottle.

Winery at Cordoniu


If I were to do it over again, I’d do this tour that does wineries all day in the hopes of seeing something you can “only” see in Barcelona.


And that's it! I finished this post just in time for us to start planning our next European adventure – to Brussels and Paris. I know many friends who have been to Barcelona – what were your favorite places?



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3 Days in Barcelona – Our Itinerary and How We Enjoyed the City

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