Swagbucks Review: Use this Site to Hustle Extra Savings

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you’ve probably heard of Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a site where you can complete tasks to earn the titular Swagbucks (abbreviated SB) which you can then redeem for gift cards. It’s a super simple way to earn some extra cash just for doing things that you would normally do!

Want to know how to start earning? Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to your first gift card.

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Swagbucks Review: Use this Site to Hustle Your Way to Extra Savings

Creating Your Account

Signing up is super easy. All you need is your email and a password, or you can sign up with your Facebook account. Go here to sign up. 


Getting Started

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll get directed to the Swagbucks Homepage. This will show you an overview of some of the best offers for the day, as well as an instructional guide for new users. 100 SB is equivalent to $1, and some vendors will allow you to cash out for gift cards as low as $3.


Earn SwagBucks for Shopping

One of the easiest ways to earn SB is by shopping online. You’ll have a cash back amount listed on popular stores such as Walmart, Sephora, and JCPenney. There are also a TON of offers for travel sites, so you could earn major rewards just for planning your next vacation!

Another cool way to earn SB is by redeeming Groupon or Living Social offers. Swagbucks will let you know if there are any available offers in your area, and you’ll get points when you purchase. Savings everywhere!


Watch Videos

Did you ever wish you could get paid to watch videos online? Well, it's your lucky day. Swagbucks will aggregate playlists of videos and you can earn points just for watching. And if watching videos isn't really your thing, you can try this pro tip. Just open the playlist, turn the sound off, and minimize the window. Ssh!


Take Surveys

Survey sites are extremely popular and for good reason. Getting paid to give your opinion sounds great doesn’t it? And Swagbucks even takes into account that you won’t qualify for every survey. Even if you don’t qualify you’ll still get 1 SB for your time.

Surveys also usually have higher point values since they take a longer time to complete. This can be a great place to start out if you want to quickly earn one of the lower value gift cards!


Install the SwagButton

And finally, download the SwagButton. It’s an extension that shows you SB offers on participating sites. That way you won’t miss out on points just because you didn’t go through the SwagBucks portal! Super simple, super easy.


Redeem Your Points

Once you’ve saved up enough points, head over to the Rewards store to redeem them. There are tons of options for gift cards. Everything from Amazon to Sephora, Target to Uber. Make sure to check what gift cards are on sale as well!

Can I Earn FREE Gift Cards with Swagbucks?

And that’s your starting guide to SwagBucks. I think this tool is great for people who want to make a little money on the side for specific goals. Right now I’m working on saving up for a Sephora gift card – that way I won’t feel as guilty for treating myself!

Ready to get started? Sign up for Swagbucks here!

Have you used Swagbucks?


Ever heard of Swagbucks? It's a simple way to earn gift cards to your favorite retailers. See our Swagbucks review and how to get started.

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