Torie Winkler

You've heard me mention her a few times in my writing, you've likely seen photos of her on my instagram and snapchat, but now it's time for you to officially meet my editorial assistant, Torie.


Because she's going to be taking on more of an active role as we move through the rebrand and contributing to the new site!

Torie is just 22, and as I move into a new decade, I'm excited to rely on her expertise and perspective as an early twenty-something. I think between the two of us (and a host of other new contributors) we'll be able to create a unique site and voice for anyone seeking to live their (financial) best life.

For fun, here's a few things to know about Torie.

Favorite Things?

My cat (Cheeseburger Backpack), mimosas, and fluffy blankets! 🙂

Favorite Money Tip?

I will always stand by having multiple bank accounts. I used to keep all of my money in one place – and then had to pinch pennies when I went over budget! Keeping play-money and budget-money separate really helped me stick to my goals.

One thing you did last month that helped you live your best life?

I started setting time aside every Sunday to just pamper myself. Face masks, netflix, and kitty snuggles help me decompress from the week while helping me get ready for the week to come!

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