“I Don’t Have Time to Blog” (+ How to Fix It)


I did a “soft launch” of my course, Beginner Blog Accelerator, a few months ago. After it was over, I sent a simple email to those who didn't buy that said:

“I noticed you were interested, but that you didn’t buy. Why not?”

And people were so gracious and giving of their time to reply back to me and tell me about their reservations.

(The moral of this story is that you should always be unafraid to ask questions – you never know what you might learn! But of course, that’s not the point of this blog post so I’ll continue…)


What I learned from a simple survey


“I Don’t know what I’d write about,” said one group. So, I created this free email course to help them zone in on their biggest passions to find the one “big blog idea.”

But then there was another group, (and even some people who bought BBA at the pre-launch price) who were having a hard time carving out hours in their week to blog and/or learn about blogging.

How can I help this group? I thought, We all only have so many hours in a day.

So I thought I'd do a big blog post on my experience, after blogging over the last five years…three of those blogging on top of a busy 9-5 and home renovation. For those struggling, some of these questions require tough answers, but these “tips” are the best way I know to get moving on creating your own blog and business.


Ask Yourself: Are You Truly Passionate


When I was a private blog coach, I got very good at telling in the first session who would be blogging four years from now, and who would give up in the first six months. After all, I can give you the tools for success, but you’re the one who has to pick up the shovel and start digging (so to speak.)

The difference between the dabblers and those who are actually able to build blogs, businesses, and income? I’ve spoken about tenacity before, but it also has to come from a deep-rooted passion. Even if you don’t have a topic you’re necessarily passionate about yet, you have to be passionate about something – sharing your story, building a business, quitting your job, spending more time with family.

Identifying the “why” is critical, because, without it, we're just floating.

We make time for the things we want to make time for, and we’re the only ones who can control how we spend the (x minutes) we get in a day. There are obviously extenuating circumstances, like an emergency or if you’re still setting into a new routine (like if you moved or changed jobs or had

There are obviously extenuating circumstances, like an emergency or if you’re still setting into a new routine (like if you moved or changed jobs or had a big life event.) But I'll be honest: barring extenuating circumstances, if you’re not making time to blog, it’s probably because it isn’t important enough to you.

So ask yourself, am I really passionate about this blogging thing? If so, continue reading. …


You Have to Schedule It…Religiously


Just like you schedule the gym, date night, doctors appointments and all of the other things that absolutely must get done, when building a blogging business, you need to schedule time with yourself to work on your project. Mine used to be from 6-10 on Sunday evening and this was my time to write blog posts, answer emails, schedule social media and get ahead on my blog tasks for the week.


Having this set “blogging date” will enable you to enjoy weeknights (typically blog free), and stay on top of a growing project.


Consistency is Key


Even if you absolutely can’t carve out the time for a four-hour blogging date with yourself each week, the trick is to figure out something you can commit to and commit to doing it consistently. Even if it’s just a half hour on Thursday morning.

I’m in the middle of a weight loss challenge of sorts, challenging myself to take better care of myself and lose the stubborn 20 lbs I’ve gained since college. I've never been able to do it before, because I'm known to get easily frustrated and give up. Lately, I've been reminding myself constantly that nothing happens overnight.

So, instead of making weight loss the ultimate goal, I set a goal of doing sixteen workouts a month (or roughly four per week.) It didn’t matter if some weeks I was better or worse than others. The point was to create a pattern of consistency – and I've succeeded! I’ve been consistently going to the gym for 105 days now which is my longest gym stretch….well, ever.

It works the same with blogging. And I’ll lean on my favorite old adage. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


Prioritize Your “Three Things”


If you only have a little bit of time, get very good at prioritizing what needs to get done. My favorite trick is to have beginner bloggers write down three things they did for their blog business each day. If you think in terms of just three things, the overwhelm stays at bay quite a bit. So the next time you sit down for your blogging date (whether it's an hour or half hour..) ask yourself, what are the top three things you need to accomplish?

By only focusing on the “must dos” you’ll be astounded by what you’re able to accomplish.

I cover this “three things exercise” and more in my course, Beginner Blog Accelerator, which is self-guided, with built-in checkpoints and a facebook group for accountability so you can actually start building (and growing) the blog you’ve always wanted. It’s launch week, so click here to enroll at a special discount price and receive access to both the basic and advanced modules. 


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