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LB Update 4/19/2017: The post below references a workbook I launched over a year ago called Blog Yourself Rich that is no longer being sold. Instead, I took the worksheets from Blog Yourself Rich and turned them into a bigger and better course called Beginner Blog Accelerator. Hope you'll consider joining us in BBA! I promise the course is EVEN BETTER than the workbook!


Anyone can use a blog as an internet diary, but monetizing a blog requires strategy, planning, and extreme attention to detail. It's harder than it looks, and the learning curve is steep. …But if you are willing to put in that extra work you can reap the benefits of having a stream of income or a side hustle that you can directly control, plus a wonderful creative outlet! (See how my blog earns me over $7k each month, here!)

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Making Money With a Blog – How to Blog Yourself Rich

Step #1 – Find Your Niche

First thing that you’ll have to do is find a topic that is both interesting to you, the writer, and your desired audience. It’s important to spend a good chunk of time thinking about the kind of blog you want to create before ever clicking, posting or tweeting a single thing.

The first chapter of the Blog Yourself Rich workbook, Define Your Blog, has a lot of resources to assist with tweaking your brand, including:

  • A define your blog worksheet
  • An origin story exercise
  • 2 worksheets to help you decide on a blog name
  • A differentiation exercise worksheet
  • A blog and brand values worksheet
  • Target audience worksheet
  • Recap checklists to keep you on track!

This chapter will be beneficial to you if you are:

  • in the very early stages of brainstorming what kind of blog you'd like to start.
  • need to spend more time fleshing out the idea for your blog.
  • into guided brainstorming exercises.
  • starting a blog, but are stuck on what it should really be about
  • …and what to name it.

Here's a sneak peek of what it looks like!

beginner blogger workbook

Step #2  – Build the site!

Once you have an idea of what you want your blog to be focused on, it’s time to work on the site itself.

Many professional bloggers use WordPress for its easy-to-use interface and variety of plugins, but there are plenty of other options. (Click here to see my super easy tutorial for building a WordPress blog.)

This is also the time to think about your hosting options – will you “self-host” (own your own domain and hosting) or not? Though the initial investment may seem scary (and costly), self-hosting will make your site seem more professional and allow you more advertising options.

In chapter two, Build Your Blog, I walk readers through exactly what to do to set up a stand out blog, and how to master the technical elements of running a WordPress site.

When I first started blogging four years ago, mastering all the technology of running a website was the hardest part…. which is why I created a comprehensive companion guide to give readers all the shortcuts!

Chapter two, Build Your Blog consists of:

  • A How-to on purchasing web hosting
  • A guided WordPress installation
  • How to build a website
  • The exact plugins to download
  • A resource guide for tools to help you automate your blogging efforts
  • How to start a content calendar + three content calendar worksheets
  • Chapter recap and checklist to keep you on track!

This chapter will be beneficial if:

  • You have an idea for a blog, but setting up the website is slowing you down.
  • The technology elements are giving you trouble.
  • Insider tips on which plugins to install and how to best leverage them are what you crave.
  • You're struggling to stay organized and on top of your content.
  • You want to learn how to set up the best content and editorial calendar.

It’s a tough and lengthy chapter, but totally comprehensive!

beginner blogger workbook

Ready to order? Click here to grab your copy! 

Blog Yourself Rich by Creating Great Content and Publicizing It!

Now that the technical aspects of the blog are finished you can finally start to work on the actual content of the site itself.

At this point it is a good idea to create a content calendar so that you have set dates for posts – a deadline of sorts – and are able to see what sort of content you plan to post for each day/week/month at a time. This also allows you to work ahead and make changes if needed.

From this point you will have the basic ingredients for success. What comes next? Promotion of course. Growing a healthy readership is often the hardest part of blogging. Without readers…. brands won’t court you, you won't have revenue opportunities, and you’re likely to give up out of frustration.

Step #3 – Growing Your Blog

The third section, Grow Your Blog,  consists of six sections that cover the most important components of attracting readers to your site:

  • Creating Viral Content
  • Social Media
  • Guest Blogging + Outreach
  • A crash course in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Building an Email List
  • Testing and Google Analytics

It also includes some sexy “extras”:

  • A creating viral headlines worksheet
  • A social media worksheet
  • 3 pages of the best social media resources
  • Guest blogging pitch template
  • SEO keyword worksheet
  • Metrics worksheet to track your stats each month!

This chapter will be beneficial if: 

  • You'd like an organized step-by-step on how to drive traffic to your website.
  • Mastering all of the components of growing a blog is proving difficult.
  • You want a beginner's guide to more complex strategies like SEO and list-building.

Trust me– It's everything but the kitchen sink in terms of growing a blog!

making money with a blog

Step #4 – Monetize

When it comes to making money online, what works for one blogger may not work for another. And the truth is that to make any real money, you’re going to need multiple income streams to make it work.

The fourth section, Monetize Your Blog, consists of:

  • Strategies for blogging as a side hustle (on top of your busy family and day job!)
  • How to monetize your blog.
  • Tips on how to pitch for sponsored campaigns
  • A guide on how to field pitches from companies who want exposure from you.
  • How to continue blogging after you're no longer a beginner.

This chapter also includes some “extras”:

  • A time audit exercise (and worksheets!)
  • Sponsored campaign pitch templates.
  • How to put together a stand-out media kit.
  • The ultimate resources for finding blogger balance.

This chapter will benefit you if: 

  • You have no idea where to start when it comes to creating a blog that makes money.
  • You want to learn how to talk to brands about campaign opportunities.
  • You're struggling with balancing a blog on top of a busy job and family life.

It will take testing and trial and error, but the fourth section of my book details which strategies work best for beginners, which work best for intermediates, and how to get started with both.

making money with a blog

Step #5 – Brand Your Blog

This chapter covers how to pitch your blog for press exposure and how to best position yourself as a brand expert and it's full of secrets you won't get ANYWHERE else.

Brand Yourself Rich consists of:

  • A review of personal branding.
  • The best resources for pitching press.
  • Exactly what to say when pitching your blog for national exposure.

The Brand Yourself Rich chapter also includes some “extras”:

  • A “Setting Your Brand Pillars” worksheet.
  • A “Getting Started” with PR worksheet.
  • A “Your Press Story” worksheet.
  • Journalist pitch templates.
  • A simple, easy-to-replicate pitch formula (and accompanying worksheets!)

This chapter is perfect for you if:

  • You want to take your blogging efforts to the next level.
  • You have a great blog but are stumped on how to make money.
  • You're intimidated by how to pitch your blog for press exposure.

making money with a blog

Why Beginner Bloggers Need The “Blog Yourself Rich” Workbook

This is all just scratching the surface of what it takes to “blog yourself rich,” but I spent a lot of time ensuring that this resource was a wonderful place to start. It takes everything I've learned over the last four years I've spent as a blogger, and walks readers through step-by-step.

I liken it to getting all my years of experience so you can get your blog up, running, and making that moolah in 90 days.

Sure, you can spend hours researching on your own, but wouldn't you rather buy a best-in-class resource that delivers what you need to know without frustrating hours of extensive research?

Click here to get started!

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