The February No Spend Challenge


I’ve been so lazy in December and January. Call it business depression or a midwinter slump, whatever the reason, I’m in a funk. I was feeling so burnt out that I dropped everything and ran to the beach for a couple of days just to feel like I had a grip on my sanity. (You can keep up with me and all those adventures on my instagram.)

You know what else is great for shaking up a run-down rut? A 30 day challenge. My Favorite!

What’s the challenge for February, you ask? Well it goes hand in hand with quickly building up your savings and tackling your goals for the new year.

29 Attempts at a No Spend Day

What’s a no spend day, you ask? It’s basically a day where you don’t use your debit card, cash, go to the store, or buy anything online.

You’re spending nothing.

And the challenge of February is to have as many of them as you possibly can.

You can have exclusions for groceries and gas, but that’s it. Sure, spend if you want, but you won’t win the challenge. We’re already technically cheating because February is a shorter month than most, but you know what? That makes it the PERFECT time to attempt something like this.

I’ve been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holiday season. January, in my opinion, has always been kind of a BS month. But February is good; you can see Spring around the corner, and the coldest month of the year is behind us.

It’s a time for optimism! And for challenging ourselves.

But I Don’t Want to Do It Alone

What’s different about this challenge is I want to involve all of you. I had many of you interested in the 30 day no-eating out challenge and in the TV challenge, but this is something we can all easily do together.

Want to get in? Just sign up here in the Google Doc.

I’m not going to publicly shame you or anything. But I will get your email and when the challenge is over ask you to (honestly) reveal how many no spend days you had in the month of February. Remember- grocery runs, paying bills, and gas days still count as NSD’s, but everything else doesn’t. I mean, you have to live, keep the lights on, and drive to work so there isn’t any way around those expenses (although if you have ideas about that, I’m all ears. Tell me in the comments.) We’re getting down to the bare minimum here, folks.

The winner gets a $15 Starbucks gift card. And remember, you’re playing against me, and mama needs her latte.  I think I can easy do 25 No Spend Days in February. (oh my god did I just commit to 25 f*cking no spend days?) So, aim for that. If you beat me, I’ll happily hand it over.

Speaking of Prizes…

Being at the beach delayed me a bit and so it’s taken me about a week or so to select the winner of the Emily Ley Planner + $100 Paypal Cash Giveaway.

Congratulations to Dawn Monroe! 

I’ll be reaching out via email to contact you about shipping your prize. Yay!

Tips for a No Spend Challenge

I’ve attempted a few no spend challenges a handful of time in the four years I’ve been running this blog. I did one when I very first started out that was laughable because I was spending every day. A total fail. I also did three of them in a row when I was doing my $8k in 90 days challenge, which was a lot more successful.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Sure, you can say on January 31st you’re going to take the February No Spend Challenge and I’ll admire you for it, but you’ll likely be less successful than others who planned for the event ahead of time.

Take a look at your toiletries, your paper goods, your dog’s medicine. You NEED all of those things and you’ll have to sacrifice a no spend day to go get them since they’re not groceries, gas, or bills. So pad your month a little bit by going out and preemptively buying anything you think you may run out of in the next month.

Clear your calendar.

Yeah, this isn’t fun. And I’m not saying you can’t go out. I’m just saying if you do, that’s a spend day, not a no spend day. Even if you planned for it and put it on the calendar, it still counts. Use this time to ramp up your side hustle, purge items from your home to sell, and focus on your own health and well being. How are those resolutions from January working out? Did you abandon them? Use this time to get back on the bandwagon.

Meal Plan

I’m just now starting to do this and it’s harder than I thought. But I do like this tutorial.   As well as the meal planning archives on I am THAT Lady.  Sometimes when we have nothing at home we have to eat out, which is why meal planning is crucial to a no spend challenge, and making sure you’re not caught with your pants down.

Settle on a Mantra

How about, “I can do anything for 30 days?”

Are you ready? What do you think about the no spend challenge?
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The biggest lessons I learned from the month long no spend challenge me and my readers did in February, plus my tips for making a no spend challenge easier.

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