How to Earn Real Cash Back Just for Shopping – An Ebates Review

Ebates is one of the most popular rebate sites on the internet – and with good reason! It’s super simple to use and has a large variety of rebate-eligible stores. Honestly, if you shop online and don’t use Ebates, you’re leaving money on the table! Here’s an Ebates review: how to get started, what we like about it, and why you should be using it. 

Is Ebates Legit? A True Ebates Review

Creating Your Account

Signing up for Ebates is incredibly simple. Click here to sign up. All you need is your email and a password, or you can sign up with your Facebook or Google account. After signing up you’ll want to make sure to add your address so Ebates can send you your rebate check! (They also payout via Paypal, which I like = super easy.)


Using Ebates

Upon visiting the site, you’ll see all sorts of different online retailers. Just as an example, I picked Amazon. Amazon was one of the Double Cash Back Stores of the day, but only for certain departments. Make sure you check the terms before you purchase so you don’t miss out! (If you get the daily emails, they'll let you know when certain promotions are on.)


Redeeming the Rebate

Next, I went to the Amazon Ebates page. It lists out each department and the amount of cash back I’ll get from purchasing from those departments. Then just click on the “Shop Now” button for the department you want to look at. It’ll take you right to the Amazon website, and your rebate will be applied after your purchase! Super easy, right?


In-Store Rebates

Ebates recently started offering In-Store rebate opportunities as well. All you have to do is have your debit or credit card linked to your profile, and then you will get cash back when a qualifying purchase is made.


Download the Ebates Extension

Much like other money-saving tools like Honey or Swagbucks, Ebates has an internet extension! The Ebates extension is great because it sits right on your toolbar and allows you to view your account. You can see what cash back you have pending, as well as new stores offering rebates. It will also apply coupons for you at checkout so you save even more upfront!


Getting Your Rebate

Ebates works differently than a lot of online points-based services. Every 3 months you’ll receive either a paper check by mail or a deposit to your linked paypal account. All you need to do is reach over $5.01 in cash back and you’ll get paid!

Why We Like Ebates

It's REAL CASH BACK from stuff you'd already shop for. There's a reason it's one of the most popular platforms out there – they offer good opportunities for cash back and they make payout simple by offering to do it via check or email every quarter. You can track your money in real time, so there's no “did I make anything?” uncertainty like with other cashback websites.

It's also entirely free to use and they don't take out any fees for you to use it. Click here to try out Ebates if you're interested in making a little money on the side or maximizing the amount of cash you use to shop!


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Want to know what we love about Ebates? Read our Ebates review as well as how to get started, what we like about it, and why you should be using it.

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