For most people saving money may seem like a low priority. Our brains are usually too tuned in to the instant gratification of spending, but having a money cushion and an emergency fund are an important part of your financial well-being. That’s right, I said and. You shouldn’t just be sticking your savings away into one giant account! Let’s look at the differences between a money cushion and an emergency fund, as well as some tips for starting your savings!

Life gets expensive, and even if you’re pretty money savvy and don’t spend outside your means, you’ll take on debt at some point or another to finance the things you need: a car, a house, an education. The universality of debt is why 30% of respondents in this survey said paying off debt was their New Year’s Resolution. This is an awesome and worthy goal…. ..except we all know how new year’s resolutions (usually) turn out. I’m here to help make debt history for you in 2017 with my free debt…

I can't speak to what works for everyone, but the five money habits below are kid-tested (by me, not actual children) to have a profound impact on the way you manage your dollars and cents. Call these the bumper crop of the hundreds of wacky things I've tried in search of making managing money a little easier for us everyday folk.

Emerging from the darkness of financial illiteracy or apathy can be frightening. Gurus are everywhere throwing around buzzwords you don’t understand in an effort to take your hard earned money. Which is the exact opposite of what someone looking to improve their financial standing needs. I have created a free budget template that is perfect for anyone looking to gain a handle on their personal finances, and because it’s free, this budget template is the perfect way to start budgeting.

I'm here to present a different new years option: a finance only resolution. A non-resolution if you will. Really, it's just a to-do item you should've done already that you're going to ensure you do in the next twelve months. What I love about smaller, more action-based financial resolutions is that they're both very attainable, and even a small money shift now (think, January) can have a big impact on your finances later (like August or September.) So, if you resolve to "be better with your finances next year", and I know we all do, here are 21 financial resolutions to add to your January to-do list to start kicking butt in the new year.

And yet for some reason, there’s this huge disconnect between the realization that money is the way to achieve those dreams. Even if the dream isn’t specifically money related, money can help you get there. This site is about what your best life looks like - first, articulating what that “best life” looks like for you, and then figuring out how to make the money right so you can get there.

Your early 20’s are rough. If you’re anything like me, being a 20-something mostly consists of stressing about school, stressing about money, and then ultimately stressing about how stressed out you are. It’s a confusing time, but budgeting in your 20s doesn't have to be difficult.

You’ve heard me mention her a few times in my writing, you’ve likely seen photos of her on my instagram and snapchat, but now it’s time for you to officially meet my editorial assistant, Torie. Why? Because she’s going to be taking on more of an active role as we move through the rebrand and contributing to the new site! Torie is just 22, and as I move into a new decade, I’m excited to rely on her expertise and perspective as an early twenty-something. I think between the two…

I'm all about learning new and different ways to save at any time of the year, but I understand that as the holidays approach our financial plans and priorities take a backseat to taking in the holiday season..... hopefully these tips will help jump-start your saving goals once January rolls around (or if you're super motivated...perhaps even before then.)

After four years of writing about finance and a handful of self published products of my own, I'm excited to announce that I'm finally going to be a published author to not one, but two books with Coventry House Publishing. They'll be publishing an as-yet unwritten (and untitled) book about my experiences with money AND the paperback version of my recent release, "The Millennial Homeowner: A Guide to Successfully Navigating Your First Home Purchase."

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