Ever since releasing my book on millennial homeownership, I’ve been thinking a lot about millennial money moves. Although things appear to be on the mend (economically) from where they were five short years ago, there’s still been much talk of millennial spending and saving habits. Even though it’s slightly dated, I was delighted to read this article by The Guardian (thanks to my friend Charles for emailing me the link!) The article highlights a study done by UBS on millennial’s financial habits and outlook. The good news? That with access…

Sometimes in the day-to-day things can get so chaotic that we forget what we really want. I damn near forgot too. A fresh start would make me happy. I'd been pondering on it for so long; It was finally time for me to get cracking and move on. But I couldn't just divine it into existence. I had to go out and get it.

The idea for this book has actually been hanging out in my noodle (and dropbox) since 2014. I actually wrote a proposal for this book and pitched agents for it way back in the day. Although I didn't get a literary agent until late last year (based on the proposal for another book I wanted to write)...I didn't want to abandon this idea. 'Millennials don't buy homes or books," I had one publisher tell me. "This one won't sell." And while millennials may desire a more easygoing lifestyle than generations past, and favor blogs and magazines over traditional reads, that doesn't change the fact that many millennials do want to buy homes. I know this because your clicks and my Google Analytics tells me so. This book is for those millennials.

Buying a home is not necessarily convenient for everyone. Renting has a ton of advantages that you can leverage to help live your best life! See what renting can do for you.

I wanted to get in a real expert (read, real estate agent) to answer your most pressing questions. I called upon former brand partner, Redfin, to field questions from readers. Over one hundred of you responded (!!!) when I asked for questions, (home ownership is super tricky, I get it) and here are the questions I picked to be answered by Atlanta Redfin Agent, Adrian Smith. Also- I get that this post is hella long, but it is PACKED (packed, I tell you!) with important information first time buyers need to know.

In 2013, at the age of 26, I bought my first home. Long time readers will know the successes and failures of this financial move, but the skinny is that I leveraged down payment assistance to get a great deal...the only downside was that it needed a lot of work. Renovating my first home was a difficult process: I had a falling out with my contractor, and discussed my mistakes and home renovation money-related blunders in this post and this one, but I haven't discussed where all of the money to completely renovate a home came from.

I became a home owner 3 years ago and despite all of the home renovation drama, it's been on the best financial decisions I've ever made (which I'll share the details on in a post in just a few weeks!) But before we can even begin shopping for a home and going over the ins and outs of the home buying process, we need to talk about what it takes to financially prepare for home ownership. With student loans and stagnant wages for millennials, it's no longer realistic to say you need to be debt free in order to buy a home, but if you have a lot of it, paying down debt is an important thing to attempt before you buy a home.

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’re likely well aware that I decided to sell my house this fall. When I last checked in at the beginning of October, my house was under contract with a closing date of November 17th. It sounded easy, and after all the work we’d done just to go under contract, it seemed like getting to closing would be the easiest part. Boy, was I wrong. Here’s what happened.

Since Homeownership is such a big topic for me and this blog (and consequently the one thing I get the most questions about) I wanted to share an interview I recently participated in with Haven Life. Haven Life is a brand new (and to be honest--really freakin' cool) life insurance company, and the interview is one of the most comprehensive I've done about the "million trillion" lessons I learned from buying (and now selling!) my first home. Head on over to check it out!

There have been two questions that come up almost 100% of the time I tell someone I’m listing a house: Where are you going to live? What are you going to sell it for? The second question may seem nosy to those who feel talking about money is still taboo. But since I blog about money and most who know me, know about my site (one of the many joys of blogging non-anonymously!) they know about the struggles I’ve had with this house. I’ve been documenting them here since 2013.

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