It isn't what you expect to come to you, but rather the unexpected that the visioning magic wills into existence. Allow yourself the chance for this to happen to you by creating your own vision board. It's such a beautiful experience.

This is a personal finance site. And while creating a plan to pay off debt, building a better budget, and increasing your income are all amazing ways to live a better life and finance your dreams, you won’t live your personal “best life” if you’re not a healthy, happy functioning adult. What follows below has nothing really to do with finance (other than interesting musings about my own life and business) so if you’re looking for practical money management tips, hit the back button on your browser. If you’d like…

For me, personally, even amid an unnecessary amount of darkness, there were lessons about life, money, and business around every corner. In fact, in terms of personal growth, 2016 was one of my most successful yet. But let's be clear about one thing - I'm not sad to see the b*tch out.

Sometimes in the day-to-day things can get so chaotic that we forget what we really want. I damn near forgot too. A fresh start would make me happy. I'd been pondering on it for so long; It was finally time for me to get cracking and move on. But I couldn't just divine it into existence. I had to go out and get it.

Are you familiar with the show Parks and Recreation? (If not, have you been living under a rock?!) Besides being one of the best television shows of all time, it's also where I heard one of my favorite quotes. In Season 4, Leslie is trying to work her day job while running an active campaign for city counsel. Spoiler alert: she's dropping the ball on everything and creating a lot of chaos, which is why her boss and mentor Ron Swanson, tells her. "Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing." The following personal essay is the story of how I decided to whole ass one thing in each aspect of my life that was failing.

Cute photo right? It sums up how I've been feeling lately. If I'm being really honest, the only reason I'm throwing this up today is because I've received two-too-many angryish emails about the uptick in sponsored/affiliate content on the blog of late and I knew I was long overdue on a check-in. I try to maintain a 2:1 balance here between sponsored and not (we love our sponsors!) But I know that lately this hasn't been the case and I'm sorry if you've felt some authenticity has disappeared.

Before I went full time for my own business, I was lucky enough to work for a company that allowed a few "work from home" days here and there. It felt like a fun treat, doing laundry in between the work I needed to get done for the next day. I actually got more done working from home in those days than I did in the office because I didn't have the typical office distractions.

Last week I revealed in my February debt repayment update that in April I'll not only be debt free, but that I'm leaving my current full-time gig to work for myself and run this blog full-time. After sending out the newsletter with the big news I got a handful of emails from folks congratulating me and asking how I was feeling. Which made me do I feel about everything that's happened to me since the start of 2015?