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***LB NOTE 3/16/2017 – Enrollment for this course is now closed. It will reopen in May 2017.

If you're on my email list, you've heard me talking (emailing) a lot about March 15th. March 15th!! You may ask, what's so important about this day?

Well, it's the day my very first course, Beginner Blog Accelerator, goes from baby idea to full-blown product. An online course Bat Mitzvah if you will.

Ten weeks ago I pitched an idea for a course to my email list, and now it's ready for the world – all 10 modules – for their debut.

But what does this mean for you? Why should you buy now instead of later? What exactly happens after March 15th?

On March 16th – Beginner Blog Accelerator will close for a few weeks while me and the dozens of folks in the Facebook group who bought during the “pre launch phase” will work together to start their blogs and help me refine the curriculum.

Once the course re-opens, it will be at a higher price (well over $200). We'll definitely add lots of new content during this “testing phase”… which if you buy now, you'll definitely get access to. In fact, if you buy now, you'll get unlimited, lifetime access to ALL updates!

After March 15th – the two bonuses I am offering right now, the Pitching for Press Exposure Workbook, and Creating Killer Content E-Book (worth over $100) won't be available. When we reopen there will be new bonuses (which you'll get those too if you BUY NOW – lifetime access, remember?) but not these.


I hope this further clarifies why you need to get this course now. It will still be fabulous in a few weeks, but saving money is always awesome, (after all this is Financial Best Life) and that's what I want you to do today.


So, if you're thinking about joining me in Beginner Blog Accelerator – let's go step-by-step.

Here's exactly what you get when you enroll in Beginner Blog Accelerator.

Module I: Creating and Perfecting Your Brand
What you'll learn: what branding is, why it's so important for bloggers, how to pick a blog theme, topic, and name, how to incorporate your own story into your blog brand, and how to find your target audience and market to them.

Module 2: Building Your Website
What you'll learn: how to be a WordPress pro, how to buy hosting and a domain name, how to set up your hosting and domain name, how to install wordpress, what your site needs to look “legit” from a design perspective, how wordpress works and how to use it!

Module 3: Creating (and Launching) Killer Content
What you'll learn: how to get started writing content, how to create an editorial calendar, how to format and schedule posts in WordPress, how to write amazing headlines.

Module 4: Promoting Your Blog
What you'll learn: how to start promoting yourself and your blog, how to become more comfortable with self promotion, how to pitch for guest posts.

Module 5: Blogging on Top of Your Day Job & Busy Life
What you'll learn: how to blog consistently, how to find time to blog on top of your 9-5, how to create and achieve your blogging goals.

Click here if you are ready to get started!

Module 6: Growing a Social Media Following
What you'll learn: how to create a social media strategy, how to create posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, how to use social scheduling and Image making tools.

Module 7: A Primer on SEO and How to Use it To Grow a Blog
What you'll learn:
how to find keywords, how to write for SEO, how to optimize posts for search engines in WordPress.

Module 8: Tracking Growth
What you'll learn: how to install and use Google Analytics to grow your blog's traffic.

Module 9: Setting Up an Email List
What you'll learn:
How to install mailchimp on your WordPress site, how to create 3 different kinds of campaigns in the software, and how to create your first opt-in freebie to grow your email list.

Module 10: Setting Yourself Up for Monetization
What you'll learn: How to install ads, Beginner monetization strategies, and how to pitch brands for sponsored posts and free product.

Also included: 25 video tutorials, 26 worksheets, and bonuses worth over $700 (a Facebook group with private access to me, Creating Killer Content e-book, How to Pitch Press e-book, and lifetime access to any new modules and updates.)

…..All for the $175 price tag that expires at Midnight on 3/15.

But the window for you to join us at this special price is closing. After 3/15 the course will close for a few week and some of these bonuses will disappear. Also, when the course reappears, the price will go up.

I want to see you start living your “best life” now, without paying a ton of money.

Why You Should Consider this Course (and starting a beginner blog in general)

I spent the weekend in Mexico celebrating my 30th birthday……and it rocked. And also made me feel incredibly blessed (no hashtag, because I'm not trying to be ironic). It made me happy to know that I got to go on a whim, I didn't have to ask my boss for permission, and my website continued to make money for me while I was in a different country.

I get asked all the time the “secret” to creating a freedom based lifestyle or how others can replicate the same success.The only answer I know is:


start your own business. Stop trading your time for dollars.

And blogging is one of the easiest, lowest- cost businesses anyone can start from home with their own little fingers. All it takes it time, tenacity, and the right amount of know how. (which I will provide in BBA!)  But you can't get to digital nomad status without taking that first step.

Which is why I want you to consider starting today before the price to BBA goes up!

In Summary – This is what you'll get….

  • It's 10 modules of content created specifically for beginner bloggers.
  • Over 70 lessons of what you need to know with tech tutorials and step-by-step training for the internet-y stuff.
  • 25 worksheets.
  • 25 videos.
  • 2 Bonuses.
  • And access to a Facebook group full of people just like you so you can share ideas and help one another stay accountable.


But More Importantly…This is What You'll Create in BBA..

  • A blog centered around your passions, interests, and ideas, that will eventually become the “brand of you.”
  • A blog that you can work on in your own time; in between the demands of your job and quality time with family.
  • A process to help you grow that blog into a website with readership and influence.
  • The building blocks to help you begin to monetize the site.
  • The first whisper of your own online blog and business, which in turn creates your keys to financial freedom.

Sounds pretty good, am I right? With all of that said, I hope you'll consider joining me in Beginner Blog Accelerator.The water is just fine 🙂

Click here to start!