9 Female Finance Experts to Follow in 2015


March (in addition to being the month of my birth and the start of fabulous spring) is Women’s History Month. To commemorate the occasion, I wanted to list 9 Female Finance Experts to add to your rotation. After reviewing this exceptional list, you’ll begin to see how women are actively carving out a distinct voice within this traditionally male dominated niche, and that finance is no longer just for the boys.

9 Female Finance Experts to Follow in 2015

Farnoosh Torabi


Farnoosh got her start as a researcher and reporter for Money magazine in 2003. Since then she’s published three stand-out books on personal finance, including the ground breaking book on female breadwinners, When She Makes More and become one of the most well-known female financial journalists in the country. Her expertise has appeared in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple magazine, and she’s a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, and the Today Show. She recently launched her own critically acclaimed podcast, “So Money” in which she interviews other financial experts.

Why You Should Follow Her: Farnoosh comes across as a caring, gentle big sister with advice you’d be crazy not to take.

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Beverly Harzog


Beverly is a nationally recognized consumer credit expert and author of four (FOUR!) books including Confessions of a Credit Junkie and The Debt Escape Plan. When she isn’t writing her popular credit blog, or appearing on Fox News, Beverly is an avid speaker and the acting consumer credit adviser for Lending Tree.

Why You Should Follow Her:

You’d never want to take dieting advice from someone who’s been thin their whole life. Harzog’s honesty about her own struggles with credit card debt inspires scores of “credit junkies” to get right with their own finances.

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Nicole Lapin

nicole lapin

Nicole Lapin is a prominent financial news anchor you can see on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, or the Today show. Recently she wrote her first book, Rich Bitch, that includes a fantastic 12-step plan to help women master their finances (a cause near and dear to my own heart), and Nicole is a champion for making financial news easy-to-understand and accessible to all.

Why You Should Follow Her: Nicole is (as I like to say) the “Olivia Pope of Finance.” She’s a single lady who kicks ass at her job and isn’t afraid to say “I’m a woman, and I make a lot of money, and I’m unashamed of my success.” Cheers to that.

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Erin Lowry


Erin Lowry is the blogger behind BrokeMillennial.com, a snarky-yet-educational site geared toward “Generation Me.” Erin is a phenomenal writer whose financial musings have been featured on Daily Finance, Business Insider, and USA Today.

Why You Should Follow Her: With a catchy and succinct writing style Erin breaks down complex topics and makes them easy-to-understand. Through her blog she’s single-handedly disrupting millennial stereotypes, and if there is one blog on the rise to watch, it’s hers.

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LaTisha Styles

Latisha 14- headshot

LaTisha writes Young Finances, “the simple personal finance site for millennials.” In addition to writing the blog, LaTisha hosts a popular youtube web series titled Young Finances TV which broadcasts beginner finance tutorials to thousands of viewers each week.

Why You Should Follow Her: Her blog is one of the few that truly caters to personal finance novices, and one that does so in a way that is entertaining and engaging. She also gets pretty crazy in her videos, but in like, the best way possible.

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Stephanie Halligan


Stephanie combines comics and comedy with personal finance on her site, The Empowered Dollar. Since paying off $35,000 of student loan debt in just under four years (a journey that you can read in Forbes magazine), Stephanie left her job to become a financial empowerment consultant. Now she travels the country teaching others how to better manage their finances.

Why You Should Follow Her: Stephanie has a very fun, youthful energy that leaps off the page at you, and an “If I can do it, so can you” attitude that makes her incredibly endearing to readers. Also– who doesn’t like fun comics with their financial advice?

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Kathryn Cicoletti


Kathryn Cicoletti famously left her high paying salary to start her own financial services company, Makin’ Sense Babe, whose main product is the MSB Cheat Sheet which is a subscription service that breaks down the biggest stock market news and makes investing simple and easy-to-understand. (Read my review of the MSB Cheat Sheet here.)

Why You Should Follow Her: As an avid video blogger, Kathryn’s “wry wit” on camera has been compared to the likes of John Stewart. Kathryn’s light-hearted humor and teaching style are a bright ray of light in the confusing investment advice arena.

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Paula Pant


Paula is the blogger behind Afford Anything, a site dedicated to the philosophy that you can afford anything you want…just not everything. She is also one of the few female real estate investing experts and a refreshing advocate for creating streams of passive income (See our Awkward Money Chat on these topics here!). As a former journalist, Paula’s advice is seen on various big-name outlets including U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, Lifehacker and The Huffington Post. Another claim to fame: She’s visited over 30 countries.

Why You Should Follow Her: Paula funds her cubicle-free lifestyle with 5 rental properties that bring in substantial passive income. She breaks down her tactics and progress on her blog, inspiring legions of readers in the process. (It was Paula’s own savvy and advice that inspired me to leave my own full-time job and work for myself!)

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Tonya Rapley


Tonya Rapley is a money coach, entrepreneur and blogger behind My Fab Finance, where she helps readers empower themselves financially. She is featured on ABC and U.S. News. Tonya was recently on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine and was named “The New Face of Wealth Building.” She also has an active instagram following where she posts daily tips and mantras to get your day off on the right financial foot.

Why You Should Follow Her: Tonya is one of the few bloggers focused on building a vibrant online community, as opposed to maintaining just a blog component of her business. Through webinars, resource sheets, and in-person workshops Tonya seeks to truly connect with her audience in as many ways as possible. She has an authentic “we’re in this together” connection you’ll rarely find anywhere else.

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